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Astar's Craft: Beautiful Inexpensive Jewellery

With Astar

3 Ways to Create a Beautiful Inexpensive Necklace
Ribbon, leather plaited cord, lace or chain
Jewellery pins in a colour to tone and match above
Finishing stays theses look
Toggle/hook + o rings
Enamel butterfly or similar focal jewel to hang from ribbon, leather or chain&
Small jewellery pliers + wire cutters
Ribbon and pearls
Wide eyed needle

If using lace - cut this to a desired drop length around your neck.
At one end, use the wire jewellery pin to bind and fix and make secure the lace.
Insert the long end of the jewellery pin into the finishing stay (push up from the wide end), then push it back down into the small opening hole to create a looped ring at the top.  This little loop or circle needs to be big enough to fix the 'or' ring, then later toggle or hook closing mechanism. Use wire cutters to remove excess ends of wire.
Once you have created the little loop, take your pliers and squash from the wide end all the way up to the little loop.  Give it a good pull to make sure all is firmly secured.
Repeat at other end.
Fix an 'o' ring into both little loops then fix toggle to one end and hook to other.
Thread on central focal jewel.
Or take a suitable length of heavy chain, and find the middle and mark.
Fix closing 'o' ring and toggle/hooks.
Use either jewellery pins or 'o' rings to fix embellishment jewels to chain working from large in the middle to smaller as you come up and around the neck.
OR simply take a length of ribbon at a desired length, along with a wide eyed needle and some pearls - preferably with nice big holes&
Thread ribbon onto needle
Then thread down a pearl to what will be the middle.
Make a knot, then repeat until you have sufficient pearls threaded with a knot between each pearl.
Repeat coming back to the middle from other end.
Fix ribbon finishing clasp at each end of ribbon, before fixing 'o' rings and clasp hook and eye. 

How to make a Quick and Inexpensive Wrist or Charm or Jewel Bracelet
o-rings and fixing clasp
chain / cord etc
Embellishment charms, jewels etc...

Cut chain to desired length and fix an 'o' ring followed by closing clasp at each end.
Gently open each 'o' ring thread through individual chain, add jewel or charm, then reclose 'o' ring.
Continue until you have sufficient jewels fixed.

Matching Earrings and Brooch to go with above necklace and bracelet
Jewellery ear ring loops or hooks - shepherd hooks
Stud bases
Jewellery wire pins to match metal being used
kilt pin with loops
small 'o' rings to match metal being used
jewel embellishments

Use the jewellery wire pins as your base to thread beads, pearls or selected gems/crystals etc.
Once you have sufficient threaded, simply push wire through little looped end of each shepherd hook then close off to finish and secure
Use this same method to fix threaded jewels onto each of the loops as found on kilt pins

(Broadcast 25 October 2012)