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Astar's Craft: Arranging the flowers

With Astar

And because my friend Suzy has requested this idea, I might as well share with you all& Suzy purchased a long wire trough and wanted to display potted spring flowers currently available at the supermarket and at garden centre.

Gather together the wire basket trough, some sphagnum moss and a liner, or a sheet of artificial green moss cut to fit trough or wire container.


Place liner into bottom of trough.

Soak sphagnum moss in cool clean water for around 15 minutes until it is completely saturated.

Gently squeeze moisture out of moss, before&

Filling trough - pack it firmly.

Gently remove flower bulbs from their pots and wash away excess soil.

Make a small hole down into moss, at regular intervals along trough, and then transplant bulbs into holes.

Take more of the artificial sheet moss and cover bulbs along with sphagnum moss.

(TX: 8 September 2011)