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Astar's craft: Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent Calendar


Part One: Constructing, assembling and decorating Kaisercraft Advent Calendar wooden kit set.


Things to gather:


  1. There are a number of different kits in the Kaisercraft collection and these are available from most Spotlight Stores

  2. Christmas inspired scrap book paper pack

  3. PVA glue and paint brush

  4. Sharp craft knife

  5. Wooden flourish embellishment – tree

  6. Rubber bands

  7. Sand paper

  8. Masking tape



Assembly instructions can be found in the pack, but as I discovered they missed a few steps which I believe are necessary to ensure you have a nice neat finish.


  1. Separate all pieces and remove rough edges with a craft knife and sandpaper. 

NOTE:  make sure that everything is neat and square before you proceed to the next stage.


  1. Lay the base on your work surface, then take the two longest sections and glue one at the top and the other at the base.


  1. Next glue into place the two shorter side panels.


  1. Insert both smaller inner side panels.


  1. Glue into place all remaining ‘draw’ slots.


  1. To hold everything in place until the glue dries, wrap exterior with masking tape.


  1. Once dry remove masking tape, and glue remaining strip of MDF at what will be the base once finished.  This helps to make the stand level once it’s propped up.


  1. While the glue is drying off, assemble all 25 of the little wooden draws, but before you glue all edges together, take a piece of patterned scrap book paper and using one of the draws, make a template pattern to either cover the entire draw or just the front surface. I found that this made work much easier when it came to decorating.

  2. Fold each draw, then glue up sides.

  3. (This next bit is important!) To keep everything nice and neat and keep them together, I put a rubber band around each one until it dried.

  4. Fit each little draw into the slots before proceeding any further. What I discovered was that some of the little boxes were a bit big.  Trim or fiddle around until each box fits into an appropriate sized slotted hole.


  1. Now decorate draws to suit.


  1. Numbers come with the kit, and these can be painted or left, however I thought they were a bit big, so I found smaller self-sticking numerals.

  2. The completed stand could be painted but MDF expands, so all tabs need to be sanded prior so they fit when assembled – personally I preferred the unpainted look.



Part Two: Making the handcrafted chocolates to fill the draws.


Things to gather:

  1. Good quality chocolate
  2. Chocolate moulds
  3. Double boiler
  4. Pouring jug or piping bag
  5. Foil paper – to wrap the chocolates in
  6. Foil ribbon to decorate




  1. Break up the chocolate and place in double boiler.


  1. Once melted pour into piping bag, then pipe into chocolate mould.


  1. Allow to set, before wrapping and decorating with a small bow.


  1. Put each little chocolate into a draw.