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Astar's Craft: 3D Embossed wall paper art

With Astar

Embossed/flocked wall paper mounted onto canvas then further embellished with paint finished '3-D' wooden letters&

Things to gather
Flocked and embossed wallpaper of your choice
From Spotlight - large pre-stretched canvas frame
Either 'Modpodge' glue or PVA glue
Wide brush
Soft cleaning cloth
From Spotlight - purchase wooden letters in various sizes, go for a mixed selection for more visual interest
Fine grade sand paper
Contrasting acrylic paint and undercoat paint
Sharp craft knife or scissors

Lay paper face side down then place canvas face side down.
Use a pencil to trace around outside.
Use craft knife to cut out marked paper.
Apply a good layer of glue to surface of canvas, then fix paper down on top.
Use the soft rag to smooth and remove air bubbles.
Place face down on top of baking paper and leave flat until dry.

To paint finish lettering
If the lettering has rough edges, give them a fine sanding.
Apply a fine coat of undercoat to the top and sides of each letter. Don't worry about the back surface.
Once dry, apply 2 fine coats of contrasting or top coat paint allowing several hours between coats to dry.

To assemble and finish off work
Simply glue lettering down on top of wallpaper in a design to suit and don't forget to sign your work.
Use a staple gun and wire as your hanging mechanism.

(Broadcast: 16 Feb 2012)