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Astar's Craft: 3 Wonderful Ways with Christmas Wreaths

With Astar

3 Wonderful Ways with Christmas Wreaths

Door wreath - traditional with foliage and flowers

Things to gather
Wet green foam wreath in a size to suit - soaked until the bubbles stop rising to the surface.  Drain on a towel to remove excess water
Foliage - ivy, holly, berries etc
Flowers to suit. I'm using artificial foliage and flowers at this stage and will insert fresh flowers like lilies a day or two before Christmas
ribbon etc in colours to suit
+ Christmas decorations to suit

Fix by tying a ribbon as your hanger to top of wreath.
Cover entire base of wreath so that no foam is showing.
Insert into groups with even distance between placements, berries, flowers and other forms
Finish off with ribbon bows


Kiwiana Wreath
Things to Gather
Pre-covered or assembled artificial foliage based wreath.
Little kite bags
Native ferns
Pohutukawa picks
Drift wood etc
String /rope and all things you can find that represent Kiwiana to you
Hot glue gun and sticks

As per instructions above, fix hanging rope or cord or string
Then in a pattern or design to suit, glue gathered objects directly down on top and amongst foliage.


Elegant Bedazzling Table Wreath to top a Silver Wine Bucket... or similar
From spotlight you can purchase premade sparkly dazzling wreath frames in a range of colours with fixed battery powered LED lights.
Just perfect for quick and easy decorating
You can either leave as it is or further decorate with artificial flowers and other Christmas baubles etc.
When buying these premade and partially decorated wreaths, remember they come flat packed and require manipulation to pull out branches to make neat
Have a fiddle until you have all branches facing the correct way.
Insert batteries into battery casing.
Glue to decorate with other objects, and then to assemble simply fill ice bucket with ice, then top with wreath& you might need to pull some of the branches down should it be unstable.
Fill bucket with wine or fruit juice bottles and enjoy this stunning centre piece. 
I selected the green and silver wreath knowing it can be used at other celebrations through the year... especially at my New Years Eve party

(Broadcast 22 November 2012)