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Astar's Craft - 3 June

Astar's Crafts

Crafts to satisfy the needs of those interested in -

1. Recycled fashion - t-shirt into a fashionable shrug top..

2.  and those who love to garden - arty concrete stepping stone..

Recycled fashion - turn a t-shirt into a beautiful shrug top.

Things to gather -

- long sleeved t-shirt in a colour to suit
- sharp dress makers scissors
- matching thread
- matching ribbon or cord
- pins and measuring tape 
- sewing machine

Note - at the moment Spotlight have sewing machines on special for under $200.00 - great investment at a great price&

Method -

Take your t-shirt and lay it out flat on work surface.
(Back on bench, front facing you.)

Find the exact middle of t-shirt by folding in half and marking with a pin.  Lay back out flat again, then cut up centre front and remove neck band.

Then, slightly round off the neck edge down the front section by a couple of cm, as this will make it easier to form casing&

Turn t- shirt inside out, then fold over cut edges about 3cm to make a casing.

Pin and sew around to close.

Take the ribbon or cord and fix one end to a safety pin.

Thread this through casing tying or knotting off each end. 

Pull tight and tie up under bust.

Additional extra embellishing - decorate around the neck edge with handmade roses or buttons or beads

Handmade decorative concrete garden stepping stones...

Seriously gorgeous way of adding interest to your garden& I'll need about a dozen of these for my new resting garden&

Things to gather -

- Plastic saucer - about the size of a large dinner plate. 

- Readi-crete or premixed rapid setting concrete - you can get it from Hardware stores but the best to use for this project is Mortar and plaster mix& cost around $15.00 for a large bag.

- mixing bucket and stick or old spoon

- and about ½ to 2/3 cup of PVA glue. 

- water

- coloured glass beads or marbles

For safety - rubber gloves and a mask

Method -

To achieve the correct concrete consistency - just think thick porridge

But roughly my mix was about 4 cup concrete to enough water to achieve as indicated - that porridgey dropsy thickness

+ mix to fold in the PVA glue.

Once concrete is ready, pour into plastic dish and pat down like a stiff mud pie.

Decorate top with glass beads.

Leave in dish for a good 24 hours to completely dry before removing, and then shade dry several more days before placing in and around your garden.