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Astar's Carft: Astar's Faux Opals

Astar's Faux Opals

Does that sound impossible? 

It's not, in fact it's very easy and all you need is a glass stone, a few bottles of cheap nail polish, a spot of glue and a ring base and that faux opal can be turned into a very glamour ring.

What You Need:

All materials can be found at Spotlight - except for the nail polish which I picked up really cheap from the $2.00 shop.

I purchased clear silver and blue glitter, green crackle and black nail polish.

Glass stones - these can be found in the vase section at Spotlight. They are the clear half stone marbles you buy to put into the bottom of vases to hold fresh flowers.

Ring base

Seriously good glue like glass or E6000 glue

Isopropyl alcohol

Cleaning rags


Clean the half cut marble stones and allow to dry.

Turn stone over so that the flat side is facing up.

Apply a nice even coat of sparkly sliver nail polish to the base or flat side of the stone, and allow to dry.

Once dry apply a layer of blue glittery nail polish and allow to dry.

Over these coats apply a coat of green crackle vanish and allow to dry.

Complete process with a final coat of black polish and allow to dry.

Drying times can be speed up with the use of a heat gun or hair dryer.

Apply a spot of E6000 to the ring base, then press down stone.

To create a sparkly diamond stone, simply apply several layers of clear based silver glitter polish to base of stone. Allow to dry, then apply a couple of layers of black polish.