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Animal Corner - Responsible Pet Ownership - 30 July

Ben Lakomy - SPCA animal-welfare inspector

Animals available for adoption

Tessa (dog)

  • Mastiff cross - she will be quite tall
  • 6 months old
  • Came to Wellington SPCA after she was hit by a car and got a broken leg
  • Her owners shut her in a laundry and hoped she would get better as they couldn't afford vet care for her
  • The agreed to sign her over to Wellington SPCA for vet care and rehoming
  • Her leg has healed well and isn't expected to have any long term effect on her
  • Responsible pet ownership includes being able to afford vet treatment should your pet get sick or be injured

Wilbur (cat) is super friendly and cuddly

  • 5 years old
  • Came to Wellington SPCA as a lost cat
  • Clearly he has been a loved pet - if he had been microchipped we could have found his owners

And some cute puppies!

What is responsible pet ownership?

It is being able to cater for all your pet's needs.  These include:

  • Being able to afford the cost of owning a pet: annual vaccinations, food, registration for dogs, grooming for animals that need it, vet care when they are sick and injured.
  • Being able to cater for your pet's exercise needs - regular walking for dogs, time out of a hutch for rabbits and guinea pigs to stretch their legs.
  • Suitable shelter - a good watertight kennel for dogs, a good sized hutch for rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • Having the time to spend with your pet - dogs are pack animals so need the company of people, it is no life for a dog leaving it out in the back yard and spending little time with it. They need to be part of a family. Rabbits often turn into 'garden ornaments' when the kids outgrow them as pets, people need to commit to an animal for its whole life.
  • Desexing and microchipping .

Bad weather and animals

  • Animals can get frightened and run off, e.g. cats.
  • Storms can blow open gates etc, and dogs can escape.
  • Animals outside need extra warm blankets, their kennel/hutch turned away from the bad weather and their bedding checked at least once a day to ensure it is dry.
  • Outdoor animals should be allowed inside or put somewhere out of the weather. E.g. move the rabbit hutch into the garage
  • We get sea birds come into the vet's. We had a mollymalk (type of Albatross) in last week, as they get tired from flying in the storm and need a few days to recover.