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The 1% Principle

With Tom O'Neil

The 1% Principle

What is one thing I do today to improve my life (or those around me) by 1%?

Aristotle wrote in 300BC "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit."

The improve 1% Principle is designed to improve everyday life for both yourself and others.  This is based on Tom O'Neil's new book from Harper Collins which is coming out in June 2013! See video link here

Small incremental steps, practiced over time and consistently focused towards a specific goal, can't help but bring your goals to reality.

Unfortunately most people think self-improvement and life planning is something only people who own Ferraris do.  Sadly the vast majority of people spend far more time researching buying a second hand car, than they do planning their life and their career.

The 1% Principle© focuses on making the transition to a 'better life' a lot easier.  Taking lots of 'mini-goals' over a short to medium period, you can quickly transform what you achieve and how you want to live.

Unlike a formal goal program, the '1% Principle' is more of a 'life philosophy', rather than a tool or resource you draw upon during a set time.   

Examples of implementing the 1% Principle include:
- Phone or text a family member or friend you may have lost touch with;
- Discipline yourself to not have fizzy drinks or fast food for five days;
- Go for two ten minute walks twice this week;
- Get a professional health checkup from your doctor
- Learn how to change a tyre or check the oil in your car
- Try a new food you have never eaten before and see if you like it
- Challenge yourself to save $10 today.
- Phone up about that Salsa Class you are interested in;
Little Short Term Change = Big Long Term Change

If we actively look to just 'tweak' our lives by 1% a day, we can quickly make great progress today, towards who we want to be tomorrow!

As you become comfortable with setting and achieving regular mini-goals, you may want to develop more structure and link these mini goals to larger short medium and long term goals, giving you a definite purpose and vision for the future. 

(Broadcast 21 November 2012)