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Granny's berry fruit trifle

From Anthony Shone of Zibibbo

Time :10mins
Serves :6
Cost :$3.30 per serve


1 sliced sponge cake vanilla (pre-made)
1 cup strawberries
1 cup blueberries
1 cup raspberries
2 apricots
2 cups whipped cream
Crushed Pavlova  (optional)

Sour cream custard type stuff that tastes good

300 sour cream
75g sugar
2 egg whites
30ml limoncello
1.5 sheets gelatine
2 tbs cream 
1 vanilla Pod

Whisk Sour cream, 25g sugar and Limoncello in a bowl

Whisk Egg White and rest of the sugar till thick in a separate bowl

Soak the gelatine in cream till soft then fold into egg whites

Mix both mixes together

To finish:

In a large bowl lay the sponge sprinkle with brandy now start to fill it with a little cream some fruit the custard more sponge till the bowl is fill and garnish the top with cream more berries and crushed Pavlova.



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