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Writer's blog: Season 3, episode 13

Go Girls on TV2

By Rachel Lang

Whew!  It was a big week for us writers! 

The end of Go Girls 3 on Tuesday, and then on Thursday we had our first cast and crew screening of our New Show.   But more on that later . . .

I hope, dear viewers, you enjoyed the last episode of Go Girls - and the morally upstanding among you (e.g. Kate's handsome hubby) were pleased that Kevin did have a conscience after all, and it nearly put the kibosh on everything.

There were a whole lot of dear viewers on Facebook who'd already guessed that Britta was pregnant, so good plotting you lot.  But it didn't stop the wedding . . .

(And wasn't Amanda good?  Zoe had a tiny role at the reunion in season 2, as a fan of Kev's from school, and we thought she could be good to bring back.  I am so pleased we did.)

We all watched the episode round at Kate McD's, as is almost traditional, and some of our lovely cast came along: Bronny (Cody), Alix (Britta), Irene (Nan), Leighton (Leo), Michele (Carol). 

Since it was a while ago since we shot it, we all laughed and cried and felt nostalgic.  And I thought again what an excellent director Josh Frizzell is and what a shame that it's hard to drag him away from commercials, where the pay is so much better . . . . . . .

Then we writers moved right along - some more slowly than others - with season 4.  We are now up to episode 7, and it's very tempting to tell you about it, except that would ruin the fun for next year.

What I can say is that we did end on as near as we get to a cliffhanger - with Kevin married, but with things definitely hanging - like Amy being in love with him, Britta pregnant . . .

But we had a think, and decided that a good place to start season 4 would be to skip a year.  Yes, a whole year! 

And a lot can happen in that time.  So over to you to speculate . . .

But while we've been working on Go Girls 4, Gavin, Kate and I have also been busy with our New Show for TV ONE, and I would like to give you the heads up on it (yes, shameless plug) but I am so very fond of it.

This may seem very disloyal, or even slutty of us, switching our affections so freely between shows.   But I do Love Nothing Trivial.  

This is the short title of the new show, because it's about a pub quiz team.  The long title is Nothing Trivial (About A Broken Heart) because all the main characters are, in their own way, challenged in love . . .

Like Go Girls, it's a romantic comedy, but this time it's about people in their thirties and forties - and our fabulous leads are Shane Cortese, Nicole Whippy, Tandi Wright, Blair Strang and Debby Newby.

We had our first cast and crew screening of episode 1 last night. 

This is where we all get together and watch a finished episode - which isn't really finished - no gussied up sound or music etc - but it gives everyone the chance to see what they've been working 12 hour days on for sooo long . . .

This might sound strange, but making TV drama is a long process, so it can take months for the cast and crew to see their work.

On Nothing Trivial, we started shooting at the end of February.  By now the cast and crew are shooting eps 7, 8 and 9 - and they have seen very little, or nothing, of their hard yards.

So it's no wonder that at a First Series cast and crew screening of ep 1 the actors are very nervous; the crew hopeful - and rather tired . . .

So it was an enormous rush to see them all so enthralled as they watched, the cast and crew.  And afterwards, to see them so pleased with the episode, and themselves.   And so buzzing.  They deserve to be, because they all rock, to a maximum of craft and cleverness.

I know I am biased, and I don't want to jinx this - but Gav and I really do feel we have never written a better first episode of a series than Nothing Trivial. 

So our fingers and toes are very much crossed for later in the year (but not too much later) when you can see it too.  And make your own judgement.  Because in the end, we might think it's good, but it's really all down to you guys . . .

On this note, thanks again so much for watching Go Girls 3.  I think it's been our best season yet.  I was so happy with what we achieved but I am even happier that so many of you were along for the ride - and understood what we were trying to do.

This is the writers' happy place - we wrote; they made; and then you watched, were entertained and came back.

So thank you, dear viewers.  Talk to you next year.

Most appreciatively,


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