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Writer's blog: season 2, episode 1


EPISODE 1 - Starting Over by Kate McDermott

Rich, Famous, Married.  That was actually almost what 'Go Girls' was called when we were tossing about possible alternatives as we worked on season one.  Fortunately, we stuck with Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang's original title for the show because if we hadn't, things might've been a bit difficult about now.  Because with a new series we knew that we couldn't have the characters chasing the same goals as last year. We had to start over.
Cody's wish to get married came true - sort of.  Amy's ambition to be rich ended in disaster.  And as for Britta, ... quite apart from the fact that she realised she wasn't ruthless enough to get famous, we writers just couldn't face the thought of trying to think of any more "how to find fame" stories.  They were really, really hard.  Kevin didn't get what he wanted either. Well, he got the sports steering wheel sure, but he didn't end up with the girl of his dreams, Amy.  Which was good. Because it left us with somewhere to go.

To be honest, Rachel, Gavin and I had started to think about season two the minute we put our pens down on our last day of story-lining episode 13 of the first season.  Over celebratory bubbly we started tossing ideas around.  So many possibilities!  I'm sure we could've sat down and story-lined the first episode of season two right there and then. But, that was almost a year and a half ago and 'Go Girls' hadn't even screened yet.  There wasn't going to be a season two unless people watched season one. 

Luckily for us, you did.  Season two got the go ahead and we gathered once more at the Bunker to see where we'd left Amy, Britta, Cody and Kev, and to talk about where we were going to take them this year.  So new dreams and ambitions. What did they want this year?

If you've watched episode one, you'll already know what we decided.  Amy wants to help others, at least one person a month. Having tried to get rich and failed badly, we knew that Amy needed to realise that she wanted to make up for being shallow and materialistic. But how to get her there? 

With Go Girls, whenever we get stuck, we always ask ourselves the same question - what would happen in the fairy tale? Being a show about aspirations, hopes and dreams - living happily ever after - we see Go Girls as a fairy tale itself.  Ever noticed that we have a fairy (Britta), a princess (Amy), a prince (Brad) and even a witch (Angelina)?)  In episode one, Amy is left with only one gold coin.  When she sees a stranger about to be stung by a parking warden (the dragon!) she does a good deed and gives him her last gold coin.  This good deed is rewarded as the stranger turns out to be the bank manager she'd been avoiding, and, impressed by her kindness, he goes easy on her and helps sort out a way to manage her debt.  Completely soppy, right?  Well yeah, Go Girls can get unashamedly soppy. There's enough doom and gloom in the world and on the telly.  

But having said that, we do like to cut through the froth at times.   After Amy makes her heartfelt speech to new character Flinty about winners, losers and being a good person, it looks for a moment like she's got through to the guy.  Until she moves off and he tells Fran: "I don't know what she just said, but it sounded like a load of balls to me."

For Britta's new quest, we had a good look at her character and decided to extend on a trait that we really enjoyed in season one.  Britta's "thing" is that she often sleeps with guys when she feels sorry for them.  In season two we take this even further and in an upcoming episode, Britta will have a horrifying realisation about herself.  But that's still to come. Back with episode one -  having realised that she hasn't really been discriminating (not a ho, not a ho!),  Britta announces that she wants to find her one true love.  We decided that Britta's search for The One would provide us with lots of comedy and story material.  And it would be different than Cody's goal last season, because Cody kind of wasn't fussy about who she married, whereas Britta wants this to be real - actual, genuine true love. 

Speaking of Cody, her goal this time round is to still be married in a year's time.  Because in the two weeks between episode one of this season and episode 13 of the last, the most amazing, unexpected thing has happened - her gay husband has fallen for her.  To be honest, we got a bit of grief for some aspects of this storyline last year.  "So you're saying a guy's only gay until he meets the right woman?" - that kind of thing.  But no, that wasn't what we were saying, not at all.  We were simply telling a story about a relationship which started in one way, turned into to a good friendship and then unexpectedly became something else.  No, you can't just turn off being gay.  We know that, Cody knows that.  That's why this year is going to be challenge for Codes.  Will she be able to really, truly trust Eli?  Is this just a phase he's going through? Will she still be married in a year's time? 

The girls and Kevin weren't the only ones making vows and setting deadlines.  The end of the episode featured a tag of Jan and Nan McMann making vows of their own - "by the end of the year, I'll have a regular rogering" vows Nan.  Actually, a version of this scene was written for episode 13, season one.  We had Jan and Nan at Cody's wedding, observing that if Cody can score herself a nice bloke then why can't they?  But, as sometimes happens, the scene was deleted before shooting because of duration issues.  We were really happy when we saw an opportunity to use it in the new season.  We toyed with getting Jan and Nan back into the frocks they wore to the wedding and treating it as a flashback, but I think it works well where it is - the balcony of the Taka, near the end of the episode, our little tribute to Boston Legal.

So, that was episode one.  January is out of the way.  Next up  February - episode two, written by the fabulous Rachel Lang, in which a huge secret comes out and the trouble starts.  Here's an interesting fact: Episode two was originally Episode three but everyone loved the storyline so much that we pulled it back - so make sure you watch!  There'll be secrets and scandals and flashbacks galore - look out for Amy's 90s poodle perm, it's a stunner!

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