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Writer's blog: Quest state of play

Olivia and Will

By Rachel Lang

Woah, ep 10 already, and the season is nearly over . . .   But our show is all about quests and I thought I'd do a quick tally of where everyone is up to.

  • Amy wants to be a success in her law career
  • Britta wants to be the best mother ever.
  • Brad wants to be cool and look after number 1
  • Cody is determined not to be a loser
  • Olivia wants to have fun

Oh, and Kevin just wanted things to go back the way they were - but instead pretty much the opposite has happened. He scored the girl of his dreams, but has gone overseas to work on racing cars, er, rally cars. 

Amy is doing alright in her quest, and now has a truce with her work nemesis, Rupert the Perve - or does she?

Britta is heartbroken that Brad wanted her, but not Hero.   But she still wants to be a better mother than the McManns - though she is now a solo mum, like they were.

Brad can't face more baby disappointment, so has rejected Britta.  Which is sad, but he's still youngish - and he's not of a mind to settle down.

Cody has faced up to battling her parents, and has reconnected with NSB.   But she broke up with him to stop relying on men, and become a loser no more . . .  She's not quite there yet.

Olivia's quest to have fun has led to embarrassing times with Lawn Mower Boy, a hook up with her ex after the death of their mutual friend, and she's also had a no strings fling with Brad's brother, Will.  She has been a bit of a slapper in the cause of fun - but given her serious nature, is this really what will make her happy?

So here we are at episode 10, and because we like to advance a couple of characters at a time, the people who get the main run round the block in this one are Britta and Olivia. 

Britta is coping with heartbreak, but now has bigger fish to fry on her own quest - as she copes with being a working single mum.  This leads to a childcare crisis, and meeting the kind of super parent who makes her feel even more inadequate.  Except this exceptional stay-at-home, coffee group paragon is not a mum - he's a Dad - in the form of bank manager, Ross, who was Britta's unlikely love guru, way back in season 2.  

Ross and Britta were chalk and cheese, except he had an inspiring belief in one true love. Unfortunately, life has tested Ross's beliefs and left him disappointed . . .

But what he and Britta have in common now is that they know the Greatest Love All - which is not like the song, by the way - it's true unconditional love, the kind you can only really know when you've had a child.

So Britta has a crisis, but also finds support, from someone who understands her.   Even if he isn't tall, dark and handsome and like Jesus in a T shirt . . .

Meanwhile, Olivia is starting to find that fun isn't all it's cracked up to be, and starts to feel guilty that she has things so easy, when other people have much less.  She decides to do good, at the same time as bad boy Will is determined to win her back.  But does he have an ulterior motive?

There was an interesting aspect to writing this, because we invented the character of Honey the immigrant waitress when we storylined the episode, but the devil in script writing is in the detail. 

And as we needed a mother and daughter who both spoke a foreign language and could act, I had to wait for casting before I could finish the script, because we weren't sure if they would be Chinese, or Indian or Korean.  In the end, Honey and her mum became Russian - and this meant I could finally put in a whole lot of detail into the scene where Will and Olivia go for lunch, which made it more specific and fun.

So Olivia and Britta both have stories that tested their quests, but unusually for us - a new story hoves into view right at the end, with a cliffhanger - as Brad takes Amy's mojito and ends up out for the count.

So what happened to Brad, was the drink spiked?  And if it was spiked, whodunnit, and was Brad the intended victim . . . ?

Stay tuned for next week, where Amy's quest is sorely tested . . .