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Go Girls recap: S4, ep 7

Life can go in very different directions as Cody and Amy both discover, when visitors rock their world.  But can a frock sale really make that much difference?

Amy's mother Alison has come to visit, as Cody gets a call from Eli.  He's back in town and wants to get together. But now Brad and the Go Girls pass a dress shop - should they go in?

In one version of our sliding doors, they do. Cody's new frock causes a fight with NSB and a rematch with Eli, who ho has come to ask for a divorce, but is torn. 

Cody feels bad about this and worse when Eli comes out in the media. She breaks up with NSB accepts a bad property settlement from Eli.

Amy's new outfit means she's blissfully unaware of what her mother is up to, and continues to lord it over Rupert. And when Amy gets an unexpected serve from Brendan, Rupert is unsympathetic.

In the version where the gals don't go shopping, Amy goes home to find her mother in bed with her boss Brendan.

Amy is appalled, but realises Rupert was right. She got the job because of nepotism! Amy, pulled up, makes amends with Rupert.

When Alison calls things off with Brendan - Brendan takes it out on Amy - and Rupert is sympathetic. 

When Cody doesn't buy the frock, NSB isn't jealous and she doesn't sleep with Eli.  But the gay revelations make her angry with him and she insists on getting half the house.

NSB is pleased she stuck to her guns, but she's made another decision.  She needs to be on her own.