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Go Girls recap: S4, ep 6

Episode 6:  Bad Mothers  (June)

Brad gets an offer he wants to refuse, but when McManns are on a crime spree and Britta is in crisis - can he stay uninvolved?

Kevin leaves, but has a job for Brad - to look after the Go Girls.

Brad is not keen on this assignment, but Britta is upset. Her bad mother, Fran, lied about Britta's age - and she is six months older than she thought. 

On top of this, Nan bites a child, and Jan gets arrested for dope possession.

Brad encourages Britta in her decision to move out, and invokes the ire of the McManns and Leo. 

Britta sees moving will be harder than she thought and when the McManns and Leo make concessions and Britta finally gets the birthday party she's always wanted - she's happy to stay put. 

But she's wistful about Brad.

Amy fears for Olivia, who is on the rebound, and charges Brad with protecting her from his bad brother, Will.

Brad feels it's not an issue when Olivia hooks up with an IT guy, Tom.

Olivia enjoys some casual fun at Tom's flash house, only to find it's not his place at all - he's only the lawn mower and he's still at school. 

Olivia is mortified, but Will is amused.  And does she ever play with people closer to her own age?