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Go Girls recap: S4, ep 4

Episode 4:  A Better Man  (April)

Kevin faces up to failure and gets help from unlikely quarters, as Leo tries to be a better man for love.

After a playground altercation, Britta fears Leo's bad habits are putting Hero at risk. She bans him from seeing her.

Leo resolves to turn over a new leaf and Britta is impressed. But she admits that she's not in love with Leo, and never will be.

Leo nearly falls off the wagon, then realises that it's Hero he wants as much as Britta. 

Kevin feels the entire North Shore knows about his indiscretion.

He confesses all to Amy, and feels his life is over - especially when he discovers that Cody has financial woes and can't give him his old job back.

With the help of Brad, Kevin confronts Dave about getting his money back. 

This goes badly, but Kevin now meets a motorist in distress. 

Ron Cape runs a rally team and is so impressed with Kevin that he offers him a job.

Kevin decides to take it, so he pays money to Cody and make a fresh start.

But now Amy returns and forgives him. Kevin has his dream girl at last.