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Go Girls recap: S4, ep 13


Brad has to stop a wedding, but it's going to take way more than a bouncy castle.  As Britta gets an unwelcome surprise, and Olivia faces heartbreak.  

Brad announces his new year decision to Britta - they should be together. But he finds she's about to get married to Ross?!

Leo is equally appalled, as Brad gets distracted and finds drugs at Hermanos. He is furious - how can he be in business with Will if he can't be trusted?  Will takes this on the chin, and the next thing he breaks up with Olivia, who is heart broken. 

Brad finds out his brother's real plan and tips off Olivia.  She is pleased he is going to rehab but doesn't want to be without him.  

Britta is put out when the McMann's big wedding surprise is her sister Candy. Candy tries to manipulate her way into being a bridesmaid, but Ross encourages Britta to go for what she wants. But Candy tries to prove she's not evil by tipping off Britta about a plan being hatched by Brad and Leo . . .

Brad has decided Britta is seeking security because she never had a father. So he and Leo set out to find him.

Britta is upset to hear of their interference, but overjoyed to meet her father - someone she never expected.

But Ross sees that Brad is still keen and asks Brad to desist. Brad is not about to, but as Brad planned - meeting her father has settled things for Britta. 

To Brad's horror, she is still going to marry Ross because he is right for her now. 

And on the big day, there is another wedding - Olivia the bolter marries Will in a small ceremony. Brad has to give up his claim to Britta, as he watches her marry the man she wants, who is not him.