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Go Girls recap: S3, ep 9

Olivia (Esther Stevens) and Joel (Johnny Barker) in Go Girls on TV2

Episode 9 - 30 days hath September

Britta is upset when Kevin appears to be taking Brad's side in the break up. She vents to Cody, only to find she is hanging out with Angelina who admits to still being in contact with Brad's mother.

Britta rings Robyn and is shattered to realise that she doesn't want to see her now that she's not with Brad anymore. Britta finds unlikely comfort and support in Leo who offers up his own jaundiced view of the world. But Britta still won't sleep with him.

Brad finds solace in Baby Delilah, but Mia arrives with terrible news. Her previous boyfriend has insisted on a genetic test; Delilah is his - they're giving their relationship another try.

Brad is devastated there is no place for him in Delilah's life. When Britta hears she rushes to Brads side and they reconcile. Brad wants them to travel right away but Leo points out that Britta is just making a go of her business. What kind of doormat is she? Britta sadly realises that she and Brad truly want different things.

After a chemo session, Olivia meets a handsome young musician called Joel who remembers her from the battle of the bands. He was into heavy metal, now hes a struggling Indie singer/song writer driving a taxi.

He asks her out but, feeling unwell, she stands him up. Twice. So he visits with chicken soup. Olivia worries that he's got some sick, rescue the girl with cancer thing going. Instead she finds that his life is a bit of a mess and she can help him. Starting with a gig at the Taka...

Kevin is enjoying his relationship with Amanda and they both get clucky over Delilah. After Kevin makes a jokey proposal, Amanda decides that she can't deny Kevin sex any longer and Kevin books a hotel for a very special night.

Kevin is looking forward to the big night, but then he realises that Amanda is going against her faith to please him. He just can't let her do that, so he finds his mother's engagement ring and proposes to Amanda properly this time. Amanda is thrilled but wants Kevin to ask her father for her hand. Kevin does so, but is left on a knife's edge, waiting for the verdict.

Cody is worried when NSB arrives with a complaint - Jesse left a sump plug loose and one of his hire cars has seized. NSB wants him sacked, but Cody thinks she can sort him with a good dressing down.

Jesse explains that he's going through a rough time and Cody tries to be supportive resulting in Jesse getting a crush on Cody and lifting his game. Kevin is amused, but when Cody tries to sort it, Jesse is more enamoured than ever. NSB finds this hilarious. He asks Cody out and she invites him to Brads going away party at the Taka.

Brad's going away party goes ahead. Joel's band plays, Cody snogs NSB and Brad gives a touching farewell speech. Amanda finally arrives; it's thumbs up from Dad and Kevin upstages Brad with his own announcement. Him and Amanda are engaged.

Britta makes a last minute dash to try and stop Brad but shes too late and Robin suggests she let him go.

A taxi pulls up outside Kevins but its not Brad its Amy!