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Go Girls recap: S3, ep 7

Britta (Alix Bushnell) and Leo in Go Girls on TV2

Episode 7 - A Life-Changing Experience (aired 22nd March)

Britta celebrates the fact that she actually has money in the bank; the fairy business is booming. Brad wants them to spend it on their tickets to Mexico, but Britta, tired of struggling against the elements on her scooter, wants to buy a cute fairy van.

While discussing a loan with banker Ross (and with Leo's prodding) she manages to score a corporate gig. She is in a flap but with Olivia's encouragement she decides to do it.

The only problem is that this involves flying to Great Barrier Island and Britta is terrified of planes. With some difficulty, Leo manages to get her on the plane and to the gig, where, after some initial glitches, she wins over the bankers. Leo suggests they celebrate by having sex but Britta has no intention of going there. Leo has to settle for being a friend. However, she has discovered her new vocation as a corporate fairy!

Brad gets the news, after several false starts that Mia is actually in labour. Mia is initially reluctant to have Brad too involved. But when labour drags on and on and her support person is otherwise occupied, Mia is glad for Brad's support and they grow closer.

After many hours of labour, Mia has to have an emergency C section and Brad is there for her. But during the operation, something goes wrong and Mia has to be taken to intensive care. Britta is away on Great Barrier, but Kevin, Cody and Olivia rally round. Brad is deeply moved to find he is the father of a beautiful baby girl.

Cody receives some upsetting news from Eli; he has been seeing someone in France, and its another man. He says it's over now, but Cody is hurt and upset. Olivia points out that this makes his relationship with Cody even more special, but she is having serious doubts they have any future together.

Kevin scores a date with someone he knew from school, Amanda. It goes well and he really likes her. She even admits to wanting children. But then he finds out the catch. Although she had a bit of a rep at school, shes now a born again Christian and doesnt believe in sex before marriage.

Kevin admits doubts to Cody and Olivia, but Amanda proves that there are some other ways to have fun. Kevin realises he can't have a kid with Amanda unless he marries her and that seems a step too far. However he is moved by (and jealous of) Brad's touching moment with his new born baby.

Inspired by her fairy banker gig, Britta decides she can buy the van and buy the tickets to Mexico. But when she arrives back she finds that Brads priorities have changed as well. Mia is going to be alright, but Brad has other things on his mind than travel.

All of our guys are going through life changing experiences; Cody contemplates life without Eli, Olivia begins chemotherapy, Brad is a father, Britta has a new career option and Kevin decides to ask out Amanda again...