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Go Girls recap: S3 , ep 3

Alix Bushnell (Britta) and Bronwyn Turei (Cody) in Go Girls on TV2

Episode 3  Playing Grownups (screened 22 February)

When Cody is caught at the supermarket without her eftpos card, the man she knows as NSB comes to her aid and asks her out on a date. Cody declines but is flustered.

 Britta points out that if Cody and Eli have a "no strings attached" agreement, then Cody is free to bonk whom she likes, but Cody has other priorities, like taking care of her family.

She's distracted from some disturbing erotic dreams (involving NSB and the guys from Easy Tune) when she finds that the nice young women she let Eli's house to, are in fact, the Laddettes from hell.

Chloe, Zoe and Mel have turned the place into a rat infested pig stye.

Kevin is amused when Cody turns into a nana and starts moaning about the younger generation.

Britta diagnoses ESF (extreme sexual frustration) and offers Cody her vibrator, Mr Buzzy. But Cody insists she's not into self pleasuring and sharing a vibrator, even between besties is going too far.

Cody is annoyed when Kevin defends the Laddettes and is tetchy with her family who dont seem to appreciate her. Gwen doesn't think the kitchen is big enough and Possum finds her irritating.

This leads to a show down and Wiri tactfully suggests that it might be better if Cody moves out. Cody is crushed to realise that her family don't want her living with them.

Meanwhile, when the Laddettes push her too far, Cody learns that it's not easy to get rid of unwanted tenants. NSB gives her some good advice and she finally turns to the best lawyer she knows, Angelina, who quickly deals to them.

Olivia has been resisting the idea of surgery and so Jeffery calls in Carol to try and persuade her.

Carol is upset that Oliva hadnt told her about the cancer and wants Olivia to pursue a course of natural therapies. Jeffery and Carol soon clash over their very different approaches to Olivia's illness, and Olivia seeks refuge with her friends.

She wants to find a job, despite Carol and Jeffery's opposition, and asks Leo for a job. But instead Leo offers her the opportunity to invest in his latest project; a new, funky, street magazine.

Jeffery and Carol are united in their horror at the idea but soon turn on each other and play the blame game about who was the worse parent.

Olivia turns to Kevin for some advice and diagnoses her own problem as being denial. If she has the surgery it's acknowledging the cancer is real.

Kevin is bemused when he realises he's just a sounding board for Olivia to come to her own decisions.

Olivia announces to her parents that she will have the surgery, but that she is also investing in a magazine with Leo. However, it's not his tired old vision but a modern new glossy fashion and consumer interest mag for the Shore.

Olivia also decides that she can't live with her father (or mother) and needs to be out enjoying life.

Cody and Olivia move into Eli's house together and, determined not to be old nanas just yet, hold a house warming party.

Cody finally gives in to her feelings and calls NSB to see if he still wants to go on that date and is rather perturbed to learn he has asked someone else.