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Go Girls recap: S3, ep 2

Brad (Matt Whelan) and Britta (Alix Bushnell) in Go Girls on TV2

Episode 2 - Its Not About You (screened 15 February)

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Britta fears the end of true love when she finds that Brad hasn't told his mother about her, and Kevin's fears about Olivia turn out to be far worse than he suspected.

Britta is enjoying the "honeymoon period" of her relationship until she learns that Brad hasnt even mentioned her to his mother. She frets that their relationship doesn't mean as much to him as it does to her.

Conversations with her family about McMann women being able to hold their drink but not their men does little to improve her confidence - especially as Fran is also worried that Jeffery is seeing another woman.

Britta thinks Brad is embarrassed because she's not successful and smart like Amy and Angelina. She confronts Brad, who reassures her that he loves her and reluctantly agrees to introduce her to his parents.

Now Britta has a fresh source of anxiety but Cody advises she just avoid getting her boobs out like Amy did. Brad just wants Britta to be herself but Britta is worried thats not enough. Her fears appear unfounded when Robyn and Martin Caulfield are very nice to her.

Robyn, who runs a recruitment agency, even offers to help her with career options. Britta relaxes and goes for a swim in their pool in borrowed swimmers. Which is unfortunate because the top comes off and she does, indeed, get her boobs out in front of the Caulfields.

Brad's parents are unfazed and the real problem is with Brad who definitely has issues with his mother. He feels she is always judging and disapproving of him.

Britta nervously takes this up with Robyn who surprises her by taking on board her concerns. Britta finds herself liking Robyn and looking up to her as a mentor.

Robyn attempts to mend bridges with Brad, and it's going well until Brad realises that Britta has been secretly meeting with his mother.

He is convinced Robyn is just using Britta to manipulate him and this leads to a big argument with Britta.

Britta worries that her relationship with Brad is on the rocks, but Cody points out that one argument does not spell the end; its perfectly normal.

Britta acknowledges she still has a lot to learn about relationships. Brad is not going to let his mother come between him and Britta, but Robyn has helped Britta realise that there has to be more to life than a relationship; she needs a career.

Britta does have a quest this year after all; she vows to be a success.

Kevin thinks he spies Olivia, but how can that be when she's supposed to be in New York?

Britta suggests she's avoiding them because Kevin broke her heart, but Kevin hopes he was mistaken.

Then Cody sees her too and, caught out, Olivia explains that shes back temporarily because of some visa issues.

But later we find Olivia comforting Jeffrey in the oncology department of a hospital.

Kevin frets that Britta is right, that it is his fault Olivia is avoiding them. He imagines conversations with Olivia; she is haunting him and shes not even dead!

He bites the bullet and visits Olivia. He finds Fran staking out Jeffery's apartment. She is very relieved to realise that Olivia is the other woman.

But Olivia reveals to Kevin the truth: she has been diagnosed with a melanoma and came back home to get a second opinion.

And unfortunately the news is not good. Olivia reveals the truth to our guys, but is determined not to let it defeat her.

She has a quest now as well - to live!