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Go Girls recap: S3, ep 10

Britta (Alix Bushnell) in Go Girls on TV2

Episode 10 - Conflict Resolution

Kevin has Amy staying and feels torn between the demands of his fiancé and his friend. At pre-marriage counselling, Pastor Mike gives advice in conflict resolution and Amanda admits Amy makes her feel uncomfortable. Kevin is embarrassed and later he and Amanda argue. Amanda wants to know how long Amy is staying and Kevin promises to ask but finds it too difficult. He fears conflict with Amy. Amanda asks instead and, although both women appear polite, Kevin realises a cat fight is happening below the civil exterior. Amy points out that the Go Girls will be Kev's best women and Amanda is not pleased. Amy wonders how the others feel about Amanda but Cody and Olivia urge her not to intervene.

Amanda digs and Kevin reveals he slept with Amy once. Amanda suspects Amy is keen on Kev and meets to suss out her intentions. Amy tries to reassure her, but in the process lets slip Kevin's quest to have a child. Amanda is worried Kevin might just be using her. Pastor Mike arrives to question Kevin about his intentions. Kevin has a blow up with Amy and tells Amanda that its her he wants.

Amy is sorry that she's caused trouble and admits that she feels she is living in Hans' shadow. She and Kev make up and Kevin insists to Amanda that the Go Girls will be his Best Women.

Britta is upset to receive notice from a rival fairy company claiming copyright of her company name. Leo urges Britta to stand up for her rights and clashes with Amy who also wants to help. Britta feels patronised by Amy, who is unable to see that she has changed. Leo feeds the flames and Britta decides to sort it without Amy's help. But when the fairy turns out to be a giant, Britta despairs.

Amy unintentionally makes Britta feel worse by suggesting she leave it to Amy. But Leo takes matters into his own hands and is arrested for threatening the giant. Olivia turns to Angelina for legal help and she succeeds in having Leos charges downgraded.

When Britta finds that the rival company is also trying to poach her corporate clients, she decides it's finally time to invite the witch in and ask Angelina for help.

Amy warns Britta that Leo is only trying to get into her pants but Britta insists she knows this already shes changed but Amy can't see that. When Leo spends his money on magic beans instead of paying his legal fees, Angelina, Britta and Leo end up tripping together on Ecstasy. Britta discovers that Angelina has a sad family back-story. Amy picked on her and called her Go Away Girl.

Later, Britta and Amy argue and Britta suspects that Amy has never really forgiven her for Brad. When Amy admits that she met Brad at the airport when he was leaving and never mentioned this to Britta - Britta is furious and tells Amy to stop trying to interfere in her life and to leave her alone!

With Leo's help, Britta carries about a legal and media campaign and wins out over the giant.

Amy sees her celebrating with the others, including Angelina, and fears she no longer belongs. Amy has become the Go Away Girl.