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Go Girls recap: s2, ep7

EPISODE SEVEN: No Going Back (July)

Cody's happily married and certain she's going to stay that way.  But will the return of her first love Ben change everything?

Cody claims she's over Ben Maddox, but after seeing him again, her mind keeps going to the strangest places. And with Eli away on tour for a month or two, Cody is lonely.  Surely just a platonic coffee with her old flame is okay?  Isn't it?

Olivia runs into Leo, an old mate from university, who now loathes her with every cell of his being, but he won't tell her why.  Olivia's first urge is to run away and forget all about nasty Leo, but that would be the opposite of what she's vowed to do.

Britta's new guy Chad seems like the perfect man.  She could be finally making progress - but that would be way too easy.