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Go Girls recap: s1, ep9

Kevin's dreams come true; Amy has the hangover from hell; and Cody finds true love.

The incredible has happened; Kevin has slept with Amy. 

And so he tells us how it came about& Kevin is helping Amy with her new business venture, but it wasn't a gratitude bonk. 

And when Amy has a falling out with Britta and cries on Kevin's shoulder, it's not a comfort bonk either.

And it's not even a jealousy bonk when it seems the new barmaid, Wanda, is keen on Kev.

But when Larry falls off the wagon and crashes one of Amy's cars and is arrested - Kevin helps Amy drown her sorrows and that's when it happens.

The next morning, Kevin is in seventh heaven. 

But lost in the hangover from hell, Amy doesn't remember that they even did it.


Amy: When there is a brawl at the bar, Britta believes Jan's version but Amy takes Larry's side.

Wanda backs up Britta's story and mentions that Larry has 'wandering hands'.

Amy accuses her of lying to suck up to her new best friend.

But Scott lets slip that it wouldn't be the first time their dad got sleazy on it and Amy is stunned to learn the real reason for their parents' break up.

She confronts Alison who reluctantly confirms that Larry had an affair. Amy is furious to realise her mother sabotaged everything for petty revenge.

Larry cunningly pre-empts Amy by swearing off the booze - if Amy will give him one last chance.

Amy realises that her mother has been protecting her from seeing her Dad in a bad light and a thaw commences between them.

Amy and Britta also reconcile when Kevin reminds Amy of their long history of falling outs. 

Larry stays on the wagon, for a week but then he takes an expensive car that Amy is holding for a client and drops into the bar for 'one drink'.

Later, very drunk, he decides to go around and visit Jan to apologise. Instead he crashes the car. Amy is shocked to learn that her father is in a police cell.

She gets trashed - and wakes up in bed with Kevin bringing her a cup of tea. What happened?

Cody: Swept up in the arrangements for the engagement party, a more self assured Cody doesn't want to think about what - or who - she really wants. 

She's even fine when the arrangements are taken out of her hands by Eli's club who want to turn it into a PR opportunity.

But she is rattled when Possum wants to show her 'step-dad-to-be' off at school.

Cody meets Ben Maddox who congratulates her but the old attraction is still clearly there.

And when Cody learns that Ben's wife is out of town for a couple of weeks she harbours bad thoughts. 

The night of her engagement party, Cody realises that despite the fact Eli is a nice guy and she likes him, she doesn't love him. 

She rings up Ben in distress and he comes to comfort her. Cody declares her love and Ben admits he loves her too. They kiss and more&

Britta: After she and Amy make up over 'the brawl's she is delighted when Cody promises to arrange it so she can sing at the engagement party in front of all the guests and media.

She even writes a song for the occasion.

But then things all go pear shaped and Cody leaves the party early.

By the time Britta gets to do her song, everyone has either left - or is too drunk to take any notice.