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Go Girls recap: s1, ep7

A launch party creates havoc for Cody, Amy and Britta while Kevin seizes the day.

Cody: After a series of disastrous blind dates, Cody finds herself in a restaurant, stood up again.

And as luck would have it& Ben Maddox is there.

He and Cody end up having a date, sort of.

Cody suffers through an inquisition from Amy and admits that she loves Ben.

Amy points out that a married man doesn't fit the parameters of the quest and she and Cody fall out.

But then Ben makes it clear to Cody that he can never leave his wife and kids.

To make things worse, Cody meets the lovely Helen Maddox who is helping Gwen with costumes for the school play.

Crushed, she lets Amy take control and agrees to go to the launch of a new reality show about rugby; at least she can get drunk and talk her favourite sport and try to forget Ben. 

She gets on well with a handsome player, Eli, and one of his team mates, Mark, even tries to pick her up.

But to her disgust, she realises she was the victim of a 'Hog Pull' where guys compete to pull the 'fat chick'. 

She punches out Mark and hurries from the party in distress.

The next day, there is a photo in the paper of Cody's famous punch. 

She is embarrassed, but Eli arrives with flowers to apologise for his team mate's behaviour and invites her to lunch where they continue to get on well. 

Then he sends tickets to the next game for Cody and the others. 

Cody is amazed to realise she has a ticket to the corporate box where she meets the WAGS (wives and girlfriends) and has a great view of the match.

Eli invites her to the after match party and she tells him he doesn't have to feel sorry for the fat chick anymore. Eli insists that he doesn't; he likes Cody, he wants her to be his date! 

Amy is working hard for Antonia, even though Larry thinks she's being taken advantage of.

She manages to pitch some new ideas, even though she's busy organising the launch party for Locker Room; a reality show about rugby.

When she realises that Antonia has renamed one of Amy's ideas and claimed it as her own, she is upset, but Antonia points out that, as per contract, any ideas Amy comes up with belong to the company.

Amy takes this in as a valuable lesson, but Larry is less sanguine.

He gets drunk and kicks Antonia's car door in and then pisses on it.

Unfortunately all this is caught on CCTV and Amy is fired for breeches of confidentiality. 

She is furious with Larry, of course, but can't change anything. At the rugby she crosses the seven tequila line and decides to join Britta in her ill-fated streak.

Britta has not got far with her dreams of getting famous and is becoming desperate.

At the launch party, she is upstaged by Cody's famous punch.

When Cody gets her photo in the paper, Britta tries to be generous but it doesn't really seem very fair. 

Drastic measures are called for.

She decides to streak at the rugby and auction her lucky red G string.

But before she can, they are busted for drinking and turfed out.  To rub salt in the wound, another streaker takes the field&

Kevin ponders the nature of luck vs circumstance& but when he finds himself at the bar with a very drunk Amy and Britta he decides to seize the day and declare his love to Amy. 

Unfortunately, all Amy hears is a declaration of undying friendship.