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Go Girls recap: s1, ep4

Britta's good nature gets the better of her; Amy's loyalty is put to the test; and Cody finds love in all the wrong places.

Britta is very excited to get called into the offices of SmashKiwiTv.

She thinks it's to audition for a new reality show; Mothers V Daughters, but it turns out that the company owner, Antonia, wants her as a fairy for her nine-year-old son's birthday party. 

Undaunted, Britta hopes she can use the situation to come to Antonia's attention.

Britta is a hit with Antonia's son, Gabriel, who is delightful and rather camp.

When Antonia is called away for an emergency, Britta volunteers to look after Gabriel and ends up with a job as his new nanny.

When Antonia's estranged ex, Grant arrives with a present, Britta invites him in, only to receive a phone call from Antonia warning her to keep him away from Gabriel.

But Britta feels sorry for Grant and believes his story that he only wants a chance to spend time with his son.

She manages to hide this from Antonia who thinks Britta is a godsend and agrees to allow her to audition for Mothers V Daughters.

Fran initially refuses to get involved but Jan is happy to fill in. 

However, at the last minute Fran realises the potential for free publicity and agrees.

But then Britta learns that Grant took Gabriel to have a paternity test.

She and Amy confront Grant who reveals that he doesn't believe Gabriel is his son and wants to stop paying child support to Antonia.

Britta is crushed and her faith in humanity shaken. She confesses to Antonia who no longer wants her nanny services.

To make matters worse, Britta doesn't get the role on the reality show.  However Amy manages to persuade her that it was just bad luck; she's a natural.

Amy is also very excited for Britta, because she knows of Antonia as a business woman/role model and wants the opportunity to meet her.

She manages to get a job as Antonia's personal assistant.

When Britta is sacked and doesn't get the role in Antonia's reality show, Amy sticks up for her friend, but Antonia shows her the audition and Amy has to concede that there were more exciting contestants to choose from. 

Cody is distracted from her search for the perfect man when Gwen double books herself and wants Cody to go to school with Possum for parent/teacher interviews. 

Cody is not comfortable playing mum to Possum (that's usually Gwen's job) and is even less comfortable with school; she hated her time there. 

She is upset to learn that Possum has been bullied and takes matters into her own hands by confronting the bullies (two 'mean girls') and threatening them with physical violence.

She is rather rattled to realise this has been witnessed by Possum's teacher, Ben. But even more rattled to realise that she is attracted to him.

When Ben brings in his car (an old Triumph 2000) to be serviced, she realises that the attraction might be mutual and eventually works up the courage to ask him out.

But before she can get the words out, she discovers that he is married.

Poor Cody; this is definitely not the kind of bloke she should be falling in love with.