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Go Girls recap: s1, ep3

Everyone pitches in to solve Cody's man problems; and Britta gets a lucky break.

Britta has embraced the quest with enthusiasm, signing up with an extras agency.

She is thrilled to get a role in an American series being shot in New Zealand but learns from a fellow extra, Joseph, that her role is non-speaking; and she had to wear a 'beast-droid' head piece. 

She admires Joseph, a former plumber, for following his dream and going to acting school. 

Britta gets a lucky break when an actor turns up drunk and she has a chance at a speaking role.

However her better nature gets the better of her and she defers to Joseph instead. 

When the head piece causes her to faint, Britta is given the flick.

However she does earn Joseph's gratitude and a recommendation to a 'real' agent.  Britta remains undaunted.

Cody claims that she never meets any guys but Amy points out all the blokes around her; she needs to take some positive action. 

When Cody refuses, Amy takes matters in hand and she, Kevin and Britta 'interview' potential mates.

But none of them prove suitable and Amy's other attempts at matchmaking also fail. Cody is embarrassed to admit that her last few attempts at sex have been disastrous - this 'thing' happens and blokes can't get it up! 

(She even tried with Kevin a few years previous).

This may have something to do with the fact that they were all too drunk, but Cody doesn't want to risk the humiliation again.  

She gets angry at Amy's pushy interference - especially when she spills the beans to Gwen who tries to set Amy up with Edward; a nice young Asian boy from the church. 

Cody is mightily embarrassed and warns Amy to stop interfering.

But surprisingly Kevin comes to the rescue by pointing out that a regular customer, Nick, fancies her and encourages her to go for it.

She swears Kevin to secrecy and goes on a date with Nick. However, Kevin, desperate for Amy's approval, reveals all, but to his dismay the girls are horrified. Cody when on a date without their help? This is a recipe for disaster. 

But Cody does get a leg over and shags Nick and to her delight the 'thing' doesn't happen.

But she also decides she can do better; she vows she won't settle for a three or a four; she wants to marry her perfect 10!

Amy has her market stall, 'Sox in the City', but business is slow. 

She is embarrassed to realise Gwen, Wiri, Jan and Nan are all stopping by to make 'pity purchases'.

To make matters worse, Angelina takes delight in taunting her. Larry tries to help out and does an excellent job spruiking, until Alison turns up, disappointed to see Amy 'wasting' her life. 

When Amy is robbed of her meagre earnings this just makes her more determined to succeed - and make Angelina eat her words.