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Go Girls recap: s1, ep12

Britta digs for dirt on Eli; Amy and Brad exchange mixed messages; and Cody makes an alarming discovery.

Britta throws herself into preparations for Cody's wedding and makes a new best friend in Philippe (maitre d of Polenta restaurant) who stuns her by revealing that Eli is gay.

Kevin refuses to believe it and Amy is reluctant to get involved.

Amy claims she is worried about upsetting Cody again but Britta suspects she is distracted by Brad.

Britta talks to Philippe who admits that he and Eli are lovers - and Philippe's not as okay with the wedding as he thought.

He wants Eli to come out of the closet so they can be a real couple.

Cody isn't as shocked by the news as expected.

Much to Britta's distress, the wedding is going ahead.

Philippe suggests that Britta could get famous by revealing the sham wedding. Britta resists, but when Cody refuses to back down and accuses Britta of jealousy, some nasty words are exchanged. 

However, after some soul searching, Britta goes to the hen party and mends bridges with Cody. However, the whole experience leaves her sadder and wiser.

Kevin decides to eschew the company of chicks and hang with real guys like Eli.

He's not impressed when Britta reveals that Eli is gay and even less impressed when he finds Cody with Ben.

It's official; chicks make you crazy.

So Kevin decides to be an island and not get involved.

However, this proves impossible with so much intrigue happening all around him. He makes up with Cody then finally admits to Britta that he's always been in love with Amy.

Amy is enjoying house renovations with Brad but, prompted by Britta's innuendo worries she's been sending the wrong message and reiterates it's only business.

Brad assures her he's cool with being 'just friends', but he's not being honest.

When Fran estimates they'll get nearly two million for the house Amy is delighted and Brad reveals he has come to a huge decision; he's going to give up finance and retrain as a builder!

Amy is delighted but Angelina confronts Brad who tells her that he wants to break up.

He reports this to Amy who is stunned - and also determined not to be the 'other woman'. However when Kevin accuses her of dishonesty, she decides to tackle the problem head on.

She and Brad finally get it on and make love amidst the paint pots!

Cody is sprung by Kevin, again, with a naked Ben in the house.

She insists it's just a 'roader' and she and Ben call a halt to the affair.

When Britta reveals the truth about Eli, Cody admits she suspected it but found it easier to ignore. 

She confronts Eli who points out that they were both using each other; he wanted to squash the rumours about his sexuality and she wanted to get married in a year.

It could still work. Cody is happy to report to the gang that the wedding is still on - Gwen will get to see her march down the aisle.

Amy can see the positive, but Kevin is disapproving and Britta feels it's very wrong.

Britta and Cody have a huge row but they make up at the hen do. Cody wants to pick up with Ben where they left off - with Eli's blessing - but Ben finds it all too sordid and tells Cody they were right to break it off.

Distressed, Cody calls Eli who comes around to comfort. 

They end up in bed together and there is another surprise waiting.

Eli isn't as gay as he thought he was&