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Q&A with Bronwyn Turei

Cody (Bronwyn Turei) in Go Girls on TV2

Cody faces a number of grown-up challenges this year. Can you highlight these challenges?

Figuring out what she wants from a relationship, her parents mortality, her relationship with them and her culture.

This season is the first time the Maori side of her family is mentioned.

She's also facing the end of her marriage, running a household and juggling a business that's going down the gurgler.

What is the dynamic like between the six characters in season four?

The dynamic is pretty comfortable because they all know each other so well - its easy.

It's a family dynamic and very truthful. Thats how we all are as friends in real life.

Any highlights you can share from the season four shoot?

Working with the Go Boys and the Go Girls!

Also doing a bit of stunt fighting (look out for episode two!) and getting to drive Kevins car around the country all day. The laughter.

And now for the quick fire round...

Your favourite place is:
Wainui Beach in Gisborne at sunrise

Your current fave song? Cameo Lover by Kimbra

The actor you'd choose to play you in a movie? Ryan Gosling or Madeleine Sami.

The celebrity you'd most like to have playing your love interest? I cant complain about the lovely lads Ive had so far, Im a very lucky lady!

Go Girl you'd most likely be friends with in real life: Kev!

Favourite thing about your character? Shes a straighttalking, no bullsh*t chick.

And the least favourite? Her unhealthy relationship with donuts.