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Q&A with Alix Bushnell

Britta (Alix Bushnell) in Go Girls on TV2

What's Britta up to this season? How has she grown up over the course of the series?

Britta has grown up quite a lot this season. She has a baby and this season explores how she looks after the baby and deals with life.

She's also in a relationship with Leo.

I think the attraction of Leo is loyalty and friendship; the relationship works because he's really committed, genuine, generous and kind to Britta.

I imagine people need that when they've had a baby!

Britta's also no longer ruling her life by her emotions; she's making bigger decisions that are definitely related to the baby.

You've worked closely with the babies playing Hero. How have you enjoyed that experience?

There are a few babies playing Hero! The first baby we worked with was my friend's Monique's daughter, Quinn [Monique Bree played Kirby in season two of Go Girls].

It was so fun working with Quinn. She's so cool, adorable and cute.

We filmed out of order, so the first baby was older and the second was younger.

We had two babies playing the younger one because they were just so little and got extra tired.

Britta finds herself at war with her family a lot this season; what's their relationship like now Britta is a mother herself?

Her priorities have changed and it is strained at times.

The conflict happens when Britta is trying to assert her independence and the family thinks otherwise. This also results in a lot of comedy.

And now for some quick-fire questions! Your favourite place is: Takapuna Beach

Your current fave song is: U2's All I Want Is You

The actor you'd choose to play you in a movie is: Cate Blanchett

The celebrity you'd most like to have playing your love interest: Bear Grylls!

Go Girl you'd most likely be friends with in real life: All of them!

Favourite thing about your character? Her honesty.

Least favourite thing about your character?
Her honesty!