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Go Girl's writer's blog: Episode 10 and 11

GO GIRLS WRITERS BLOG - Episodes 10 and 11

Kate McDermott

Watching the entire series in one marathon effort not long before it went to air, it struck me how it starts off reasonably tame, but ends up getting raunchier as we go along.

Episodes 10 and 11 up the adult factor a fair bit, and this is partly to do with the introduction of a bonk-buddy for Kevin - Wanda the mad fairy. 

At the story table we talked for a long while about Kevin's love life. 

Yes, he's always had a thing for Amy, but has he ever had a serious girlfriend?

What sort of girls does Kevin date?

And what do Amy, Britta and Cody think about them, and vice versa. 

We decided that obviously Kev had never had a serious, long-term significant relationship - that would be impossible while he's quietly pining for Amy - but that he's probably had his fair share of flings and false starts. After all, he's not a bad-looking bloke, our Kev.

As Gavin shared yet another of his "my mad ex-girlfriend" stories, it came to us that maybe Kevin's never met the right girl (or at least, not one who likes him back) is because he is actually a nut-magnet.  What if every one of his past girlfriends had turned out to be a bit bonkers?

A quick survey of some of my male friends revealed that all of them had experienced at least one bunny-boiler over the years.

One in particular was still trying to get over the fright of a girl leaping in his bedroom window while he was asleep one summer evening and whipping open the wardrobe doors, checking under the bed, looking for some imaginary mistress.

Even scarier was that he'd only dated this madwoman a couple of times and hadn't even imagined that they were in a relationship. Needless to say, one never did progress.

And so, it was agreed. Kevin would have a tattoo on his forehead: 'insane women apply here'.  We hinted at Kevin's history in episode 6, when Britta was telling Candy that Kevin  "has bad luck. He needs a nice normal girl, not one who will burn his clothes or hide in his car all night".

And then later, Wanda was born.

We first met her in Episode 9, and she was always intended to be the girl who might just come between Kevin and his Go Girls. 

Wanda starts off as the casual booty-call girl who Kevin foolishly believes is as non-committal about their fling as he is.

Oh, there's a reason it's a cliché, it's because it's true.  These sorts of non-relationships happen all the time, with both parties claiming it's casual, no-strings, nothing serious, but only one actually meaning it.

And so, Kevin is sucked in by Wanda throughout episode 10. 

Even when he can see that she's not quite the full packet of sammies, he tries to see it through. 

Partly because he's annoyed that Amy still hasn't remembered their night together, and partly because he doesn't want the girls to know they're right. 

The problem is that Wanda is actually madder than he thought as her last line in episode 10 shows - "fairies are real. And I am one. Sssh!"  I remember when I sent the initial storyline through to JJ at South Pacific Pictures, her email response was not the usual 'thanks, will pass it round', instead it was 'Oh no! Poor Kevin!'

And so onto episode 11, which opens with poor Kevin stuck outside Wanda's house in his jocks. 

It also begins with one of the funniest sequences of the series - and just quietly, a favourite of some of the ladies at SPP head office - Ben Maddox's naked dance. 

What a way for Ben and Cody's affair to be er, revealed.  I spent a long while trying to decide which song he would be dancing and singing to (actually it was a really good procrastination method). 'Swear It's True' by the Mockers was the winner, and now I don't know if I'll ever be able to hear that song again without thinking of, um, Jared Turner's bum? 

Anyway, with the deadline for the girls' pact nearing an end, episode 11 saw Amy, Britta and Cody all questioning their motives and how far they were really prepared to go to reach their goals. 

Episode 11 had one of my favourite endings - Britta smiling quietly to herself because she knows she made the right decision in not selling a sex tape to the media.  Britta McMann, nobody, and fine with that.  For now. It may be drawing close, but the year isn't quite over yet&