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Go Girls


Episode 9: A Man of Action (September)

Go Girls on TV2

Ted’s hopes are up when he finds Gordon is having an affair.  And estranged from her friends, Candy returns to the dark side.  The bitch is back!

Ted thinks Gordon is having an affair with a hot young chick.  Finally Sarah can leave!  

But it turns out the hottie is in fact Gordon’s seventeen-year-old daughter, Mallory. 

Sarah is not impressed to find Mallory pushing herself at Ted.  

Candy and Bennie are estranged, and bad Candy has plans to go to Dubai.  Candy steals a cash box from Gordon’s office, to find it contains a pathetic amount of money. 

Ted finds Mallory stoned and tries to straighten her out at his place.  This proves to be a bad move as she sees Sarah’s painting.

When Mallory gets into trouble, she turns the tables by declaring that Sarah is on with Ted.  Gordon demands an explanation and Ted insists he has a girlfriend - Candy. 

Candy takes her fake girlfriend duties seriously and to prove they are an item, she pashes Ted - in front of Sarah. 

Ted finds this disturbing and hot.  Candy finds Gordon is gutted because one of his staff members has stolen from him, and hints that he has money worries.   Candy has her own disturbing emotion - guilt.

Bennie finds Mitchell is a less than attentive boyfriend, though Tom the cop is sympathetic to her problem with Charmaine, the officious health inspector. 

Tom’s investigations reveal that it’s a personal vendetta.  Charmaine’s sister is keen on Tom - while he likes Bennie.  

Bennie, embarrassed, fesses up about her boyfriend, but she fears Candy might be right about Mitchell.

Sarah is jealous about Ted’s kiss with Candy and Ted feels angry in return. 

He finds Candy feeling like the worst person in the world, and forces peace between Candy and Bennie. 

Bennie finally sticks up for herself with Mitchell and Candy is pleased. 

Candy returns the cashbox, and Ted gets a visit from Sarah. 

Sarah’s jealousy has forced her to a realisation.  She is going to leave Gordon . . .