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Go Girls


Episode 8: Not High School Anymore (August)

Go Girls on TV2

The death of Levi’s high school nemesis brings many blasts from the past.  But who is hiding secrets from back then?  

Nicole from school has died and Candy is asked to speak at the funeral. 

Levi hates Nicole, because she outed him at school after he got it on with Nicole’s boyfriend Jack. 

But he’s keen to go to the funeral, to see if Jack is married and gone to seed. 

Bennie helps Mitchell with photos for the funeral.  When he makes the moves, Bennie thinks they can be friends with benefits. 

Then Ashleigh springs Bennie with Mitchell. 

Candy is taken aback at this news - but finds Ashleigh blames her for the past. 

Candy suggests Ashleigh forget Mitchell - but realises she still loves him.  

At the funeral, Ted sees a lot of his ex-bonks, including Juicy Lucy, but feels wistful that he can’t be with Sarah. 

To Levi’s chagrin Jack is fabulous, not fat - and happily married to Quentin. 

Levi feels galled at this turnaround, but he's happy that at least Ted was supportive when they were at school together. 

But Ted has a guilty secret: he shagged around at school and bonked Juicy Lucy to prove he wasn’t gay. 

Jack confesses that he feels bad about the way he treated Levi back in school.

As we find Alice had a secret crush on Levi at school, and Bennie was the reason Candy got it on with Mitchell at the school social. 

Candy warns Bennie off and reveals she slept with Mitchell recently.  Bennie feels betrayed. 

Candy dumps beer over Mitchell and tells him to grow up. 

Bennie calls off ‘friends with benefits’, but Candy’s actions have caused Mitchell to have a change of heart.   He wants to make a go of things. 

Levi’s reunion with Jack makes him to think of Kent, but he doesn’t call.  

The funeral has made Sarah realise how much she wants to be with Ted. 

And Candy’s rift with Bennie has forced her to a decision.  She may as well go back to being bad . . .