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Go Girls


Episode 4: Pushing Buttons (April)

Levi finds a way to get back at Tiana - Go Girls on TV2

Levi finds a sure fire way to crush Tiana into midget pulp; as Alice’s naughty weekend leads to big trouble.

Levi’s mother, Miriam, is unimpressed to hear he’s lost his job.  But Levi sees a new way to vanquish Tiana, when  he spots her schmoozing a former client, Douglas.  Levi plans to poach him back - and they’re all going to a gay club.  

Alice is perturbed when Zane makes an emotional appeal so Candy decides Alice needs sex, and takes her shopping for a hot frock.  

When Ashleigh is a cow, Candy steals the dress and insists Alice wear it.  

Alice meets a hot guy, as Levi gets Tiana bounced from the club, along with Candy and Ted.  

Candy is internet-famous starring in a video having sex with a moose (!?!), but she is unrepentant. 

Candy urges the heartbroken Ted not to give up on his quest to win Sarah.

Levi gets Douglas’s business. But now Tiana reveals that Willa wanted to get rid of Douglas because his partners plan to sell the company. 

Levi is shaken to realise he’s been set up and is despondent.  Miriam gives him a talking to, and using her connections, Levi finds a businessman willing to invest in Douglas’s company. 

Douglas is over the moon and thinking Levi is interested, makes a move. But Levi makes it clear his interest is purely professional.  

Miriam is pleased at Levi’s positive approach – as he lets Tiana know he has positively triumphed over her. 

Alice arrives back from her lusty weekend, still wearing the stolen dress.  Ashleigh offers to give her a ride - and drives her straight to the police station. 

Candy confesses to stealing the dress, but the cops won’t believe her - so she has to get Ashleigh to agree to make a complaint. 

But now Tom, the cop, discovers there are several outstanding warrants for Candy.  Candy sucks it up; it’s the price she has to pay to keep on with her quest.  And no one else can give up: especially Ted . . .