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Go Girls


Episode 11: The Problem with Maths (November)

Go Girls on TV2

Ted finds things aren’t adding up over who has slept with who.   Candy adds up a lot of things - and draws some disturbing conclusions . . .  

Ted finds Candy has been sleeping in his bed and rooted a random.  Before all that, Ted’s quest was going fine - though to avoid losing his business, Malcolm wants to hand Best Buds over to Ted.  Candy learns Gordon is planning to sell his house to pay his creditors. 

As Ted is suspicious when he spies Ashleigh and Mitchell together.  Bennie is over the moon when Mitchell tells her that he loves her, and her business is going well.  

But Alice is concerned to hear that Bennie is paying no tax.  Ted investigates his fears and finds Ashleigh in Mitchell’s bed!   Ted punches Mitchell.


Candy finds Sarah has swayed Gordon on the house sale.  He has put family over creditors - and thinks this will improve their relationship.  Candy feels guilt and warns Ted that Sarah might not leave Gordon.  And Gordon wouldn’t behave like this if he knew what was going on. 

Ted feels the threat.  Bennie’s upset about her financial picture, as Mitchell tells her Ashleigh was at his house because she’d had a termination. 

But when Bennie does the maths, she realises it must been recent.  She finds that Ashleigh still has strong feelings for Mitchell - and sees that Mitchell doesn’t love her in the same way she loves him.  She breaks up with him.  

Ted confronts Sarah about her plans, and Candy’s threat.  Sarah is alarmed, especially when Candy visits and warns her not to hurt Ted.  Sarah warns Ted off - she can’t see him.  Ted is devastated.  Candy and Alice take Bennie out to drown her sorrows.

And now we find the identity of the real random-rooter - Bennie not Candy.  As Ted meets an upbeat Sarah: Gordon is about to put the house in her name - it will be hers, with no divorce proceedings!  Would Ted like to move in with her?