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Go Girls' beauty secrets

Shara Connolly plays Candy - Go Girls on TV2

As we count down to the final two eps of Go Girls, we thought we’d give you a few insider secrets about beauty regimes of our lovely young ladies. 

Stefan Knight is the Make-Up Designer for Series 4 and 5 of Go-Girls.
“Make-Up is a really integral part of our show and making the cast look fantastic on screen is only part of the job. With new HD technology, it's vital that actors today take great care of their skin and stay looking their best throughout the shoot. All our Go Girls have been testament to the powers of a good skincare regime.”

Skin Care
While shooting, the make-up team rely on Dermalogica's wonderful products both before and after make-up.
If we're shooting outside, step one is always Sheer Tint SPF20 for the boys and Skinperfect Primer SPF30 for the girls. Both products sit perfectly under make-up and give amazing sun protection.

We also encourage the cast to use these products on the weekends to protect their skin from the sun while keeping it in good condition. All of Dermalogica's sunscreen products contain a powerful vitamin complex that gives maximum protection and is not greasy or chalky.
Throughout the day we are constantly touching up the make-up to keep it looking fantastic on screen, so the cleansing routine at the end of the day is a vital part of our work to keep everyone's skin looking and feeling it's best.
Step 1- After a day of make-up is Dermalogica's Precleanse, this is a cleansing oil that dissolves oil-based debris and make-up, prepping skin for a thorough clean. It's applied and massaged in and removed with a warm towel.

Step 2 - Is Ultracalming cleanser which is an extremely gentle gel/cream cleanser that soothes while gently lifting away any excess make-up. This is a really efficient cleanser that contains soothing lavender and cucumber, it's massaged into the skin and removed with warm water or dry cotton pads.

Step 3 - Is Ultracalming mist, which is a gentle soothing toner to freshen the skin, it helps condition skin to prepare for proper moisture absorption. It contains aloe which helps soothe and desensitise.

Step 4 of the daily routine is Active moist, which is an oil-free moisturiser that gives deep hydration and helps improve the skin's texture.

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The Smoky Eye

Candy showed Alice the secrets to the smoky eye and forged a bond between them that transcended all. We never got to see her method on the show, so here is a special quick tutorial of Candy's tips.

Step 1- start with a black Kohl eyeliner (Candy used MAC Buried Treasure) and smudge it into the top lash line and over the top lid. Rim the lower lash line and smudge it into the outside corner.

Step 2- Using Black Tied Velvet eyeshadow and Tempting Eyeshadow both from MAC, apply the darker shade over the kohl to set it and create a defined shape in the crease of the eye lid. Next using the other colour blend out the darker eyeshadow and work upwards through the crease line with a fluffy brush, use this same eyeshadow colour in the lower lash line to create a well-blended shape.

Step 3- apply 4 coats of mascara! Depending on the intensity you want to create, you can use less or more mascara. Candy can be a little heavy handed so adjust these coats to suit your own taste.

Finally clean up any fallen eyeshadow with a cotton bud and apply foundation as usual. Applying your foundation after the eyeshadow works well in this situation so as to get a clean finish to your look.

Go out and enjoy!! This smoky eye has never failed to give a little Ooh La La to your look.

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