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Gangs Of Oz


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The real stories of Australia's criminal underworld with accounts from the people who know it best - the crooks, those close to them and the cops.

Colin Friels narrates this explosive new documentary series; Gangs of Oz tells the real stories of Australian crimes first families, groups who stop at nothing in their quest for money and power.

These gripping stories of the Australian underworld are told for the first time by the people who know it best - the insiders, former or current gang members, relatives,
victims and the police charged with the mission to stop the bloodshed.

As Gangs of Oz shows, tales of this nations ganglands go far deeper than the havoc caused by the simple drug dealers with itchy trigger fingers we see in the papers.

The reach of organised crime in Australia is vast, varied and harrowing. Recent news events have given us examples of the low price placed on a human life when it means a gang protecting its turf or exacting revenge on an enemy.