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About the show

New Zealand's fire fighters battle more than 20,000 fires every year; blazes that devastate homes, businesses, farmland and forestry, causing millions of dollars of damage and loss.

But what happens after the smoke clears and the embers fade?

For a small highly trained team specialising in the science and art of fire investigation, the fire is just the beginning of the story.

Where did the fire start? What was its cause? How can it be prevented from happening again?

It's their task to find the answers.

"The Specialist Fire Investigators of the New Zealand Fire Service are mainly former operational firefighters, many have more than 20 years of experience.

They carry technical equipment that enables detection of trace accelerant and receive specialized fire investigation training.

Based around the country, they support our firefighting crews to investigate and determine the cause of significant fires such as major building fires, fires involving fatalities and arson fires". Peter Wilding, Manager Fire Investigation and Arson Reduction.

Fire Scene Investigation is a 10 part series for TV ONE that will track the investigation from the initial fire call-out through to the determination of origin and cause.

Witnesses will be interviewed, leads will be followed, theories explored and evidence unearthed and analysed - all in a quest for the truth