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Frontier Of Dreams

Sundays 6.40am | TV ONE

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Sundays at 6.40am on TV ONE

About a thousand years ago a group of people gazed at a distant horizon. A low cloud glowed in the brilliant sunset. The long voyage was over. They had made it.

These people were Polynesian migrants. The first in a long line of migrants who would come to these islands with their dreams and ambitions. Later migrants would come further. They would all bring some of their old worlds with them and over time the people and the land would be transformed.

These people would become New Zealanders and this is our story.

Almost five years in the making, Frontier of Dreams is the largest documentary series ever made in New Zealand. This 13-part series brings together the voices of our country, past and present. It combines all the elements of great storytelling: people, pictures, sounds and music to tell the stories and experiences of our country.

The story of New Zealand is told through the eyes of people who came to our shores and made New Zealand their home, the people who found and shaped the land, who witnessed momentous and terrible events, and participated in our greatest celebrations and triumphs.

Together they weave a rich and dramatic picture, from our geological origins to the arrival of the 21st Century.  It is a story of war and peace, ecstasy and despair, and the key people, turning points and events which make us who we are today.

More than 20 top historians have contributed to Frontier of Dreams, and many direct descendants of historical characters share family stories. Experts in science, music, archaeology, agriculture and food have also contributed to the series.

A team of graphic artists and animators have produced digital sequences, including the land's pre-human history, to help bring the past to life. To enrich the visual material, the producers searched through photographic and film archives to locate rare items that have never been screened before and directors travelled across New Zealand and overseas to capture the right pictures and people