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Interview with Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw hosts From The Archives on Heartland

Former TV host and current TVNZ executive Andrew Shaw presents From The Archives.  He chats to us about returning to television and how things have changed over the years.

How has television changed since you started in the industry?

The environment and landscape is very different. There was one channel and then there was two. Now there is a galaxy of television channels available through an unlimited number of platforms.

Why does telly rock your world?

Well I fell into this business at 18 and it's a great business - I love it. I've hosted shows, rated shows, filmed shows - so many different things.  In what other industry could you say you could work in such a wide array of creative outputs? And I've been asscociated with some extraordinary people along the way.  

What do you think we can learn from delving into the TV archives?

I didn't know just how much and how fascinating our television history is. We had bad fashion and no such thing as an original idea.

Is there memorable episodes from this series that you're looking forward to?

In the episode Future a 1976 clip shows children from a school in Wellington making predictions about what the world might be like in the year 2000.

Among the usual predictions of flying cars and space travel, one childs predictions are actually quite accurate and insightful.

It really made me wonder where she is now and what she's doing, what became of her?

Are you enjoying being back on telly with From The Archives?

Yes it's a nice change from being behind a desk and reflecting on our rich history of New Zealand Television.