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Star-studded guest list

Christina Applegate is set to reprise her Emmy-winning role as Rachel's younger sister, Amy, on Friends this season.

Since her career-making role as dumb-as-dirt Kelly Bundy on 'Married with Children', Christina Applegate has pursued a varied career, including roles in the recent 'The Sweetest Thing' and 'View From The Top', as Gwyneth Paltrow's test-stealing stewardess friend.

The coming year will see Applegate starring opposite Ben Affleck and James Gandolfini in 'Surviving Christmas' and Will Ferrell and fellow Friends guest star, Paul Rudd (Phoebe's fiancé, Mike).  She is also rumoured to have been offered the lead role in the Broadway revival of 'Sweet Charity'.

Applegate first featured on Friends in last season's Thanksgiving episode, as Rachel's chatty and obnoxious sister who was not backward in sharing her opinions with all and sundry.

Applegate joins a host of other famous faces who have appeared in Friends over the years.

Appearing opposite his wife, series star Jennifer Aniston, actor Brad Pitt guest starred in 2001 in a special Thanksgiving episode.

In "The One With The Rumor," Pitt played Will, Monica's (Courteney Cox Arquette) high school friend who, at the time, was the only student fatter than Monica. She invites him to Thanksgiving dinner with the gang, unaware that he isn't exactly fond of Rachel.

In the seventh season, special guest stars Kathleen Turner, Winona Ryder and Gary Oldman headlined the star-packed series during the leap up to the long-awaited nuptials of Monica and Chandler.

Sean Penn appeared in multiple episodes starting early in the sitcom's eighth season. Penn portrayed Eric, the boyfriend of Ursula, Phoebe's twin sister played by Lisa Kudrow in a dual role.

Finally, in perhaps the most celebrated guest spot in Friends' history, box office hero Bruce Willis guest starred in three consecutive episodes of the sixth season as Paul, the tough father of Ross' girlfriend, Elizabeth.

Willis won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for this stint, and he donated his salary for the appearances to five charities.

Willis became friends with "Friends" star Matthew Perry while the two were shooting the Warner Bros. gangster comedy film "The Whole Nine Yards," and they decided to continue working together on "Friends."