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As it happened: All Whites v New Caledonia

Published: 3:33PM Friday June 08, 2012 Source: ONE Sport

Keep up to date with live updates as the All Whites take on New Caledonia for a place in the Oceania Cup final.

Full-time New Caledonia 2 New Zealand 0
Ricky Herbert and the All Whites will be disappointed in that performance. New Caledonia dominated much of the possession and came away with the win. They will progress to take on Tahiti thanks to goals scored by Bertrand Kai in the 59th minute and Georges Gope-Fenepej 1 minute into extra time. Full match report and news video track to come.

90+1min New Caledonia 2 New Zealand 0
And that it folks. First minute into stoppage time and New Caledonia score a beautiful goal through Georges Gope-Fenepej .

New Caledonia are stalling as they walk to every stoppage in play. The clock is continuing to count down as New Zealand try to score in the final minutes.

New Zealand will need to spark some magic if they want to level the scores. The New Caledonian goalie goes down after a collision with Chris Wood

New Zealand is unable to convert a corner kick into points as play resumes in the middle of the pitch.

Fancy footwork by the New Caledonian striker is unable to be crossed in as Gleeson scoops the ball up with ease.

Drinks and oranges break at 3/4 time. Score remains 1-0 in favour of the New Caledonia side as plays resumes from a Gleeson goal kick.

A through ball by New Caledonia is pulled up for being offside. Gleeson will clear it into the oppositions half.

Corner kick from the All Whites is deflected by the keeper and play is back into the New Zealanders half

New Zealand stop yet another attacking play from New Caledonia down the flank. Throw in All Whites.

A prime goal scoring opportunity is missed by the All Whites as Michael Mcglinchey's shot hits the cross bar.

Ben Sigmund receives a yellow card giving New Caledonia another chance from the corner kick to score.

59min New Caledonia 1 New Zealand 0
Bertrand Kai scores a lovely goal off a free kick. Lovely chip over the keeper sails into the back of the net.

A lovely through ball by Bertos sees the ref call a free kick. Scoring opporunity by the All Whites saved by the keeper.

Bertos is down as the medical staff run on the field to attend to him. He took a nasty shoulder to the back of the head. Free kick NZ.

New Zealand seems to have all the possession early in the second period. Another cross is scooped up by the keeper and cleared into All Whites territory.

Chris Wood has a header for an open goal off a corner kick but it flies over the cross bar, well missed opportunity for the Kiwis.

The second half is underway, looks like the New Zealanders want to put pressure on early with a throw in deep in New Caledonia's half.

Half-time NZ 0 NC 0
A reasonable first half from both teams. New Caledonia has dominated possession but the All Whites have had their fair share of opportunities. Smeltz was unable to convert a header in the 35th minute of the game. Some brilliant plays by the New Caledonians as well, with a back flick pass going on to hit the side post early in the match. The game is anyone's with the second spell underway shortly.

New Zealand saves a cross that bounced over the keepers head. Ricky  Herbert's team escapes a close call.

New Caledonia has a free kick but it is swallowed up my Gleeson, wasted opportunity.

The game seems to have evened out now. The All Whites have had some excellent scoring chances but haven't converted any. New Caledonia are on the attack but some brilliant defence has kept them at bay.

A beautiful cross finds Smeltz for the header. Unfortunately he over ran it forcing the shot off target.

Desperate defence save New Caledonia as players scramble for the ball in the penalty box off a Mcglinchey corner.

New Zealand finally get the ball out of their half and have a corner kick straight away.

Play resumes. New Caledonia have the throw in and an attacking opportunity.

Drinks break at quarter time. Still no goal but New Caledonia have most of the possession.

Another scoring chance goes a miss for New Caledonia as Gleeson scoops up an approaching shot.

New Zealand seem to be on the back foot and the New Caledonians have a scoring play that goes wide of the goal.

All Whites look to have a scoring chance thanks to some brilliant footwork from Bertos.

McGlinchey has a free kick just outside the penalty box; Smeltz is pulled up for being offside.

New Zealand is defending well and now have an opportunity on attack.

Still no score. New Caledonia dominating the match in its early stages.

A shot put forward by New Caledonia hits the side post, NZ escape what should have been a goal to Bako.

New Caledonia has the corner as Sigmund shuts down the attacking play.

Excellent scoring opportunity for the All Whites lost. Counter by New Caledonia see them with a free kick in New Zealands half.

3 min
An early opportunity for New Caledonia as Georges Gope-Fenepej has an early shot. Gleeson is all over it.

The match has kicked off and both teams are getting a feel for each other. The All Whites have opted a 4-3-3 formation while New Caledonia have chosen to play  4-4-2.


A line-up of familiar faces may be what the All Whites need to secure a spot in the final of the OFC Nations Cup when they take on New Caledonia today.

Coach Ricki Herbert rested senior players Ivan Vicelich, Chris Killen, Shane Smeltz and Michael McGlinchey along with Ben Sigmund for their final pool match against the Solomon Islands on Wednesday, allowing them to recover be focused for the business end of the tournament.

New Zealand also welcomes back defender Tony Lockhead who was suspended for one match as a result of yellow cards.

New Caledonia finished runners up to Tahiti in their Pool A draw, giving the team an extra days rest ahead of conflict with the All Whites.

The extreme heat that has so far overwhelmed the tournament will not be a big factor today with cloudy conditions forecast and a mild high of 28 degrees.

Striker Shane Smeltz will be looking to continue his recent form against the French-Polynesian side, having scored twice in their last two meetings.

They last met in late 2008 in the final group matches of Oceania World Cup qualifying. The All Whites clinched the OFC Nations Cup with a 3-1 win in Noumea and backed it up in Auckland a few days later with a 3-0 victory.

The winner will progress to the final where they will take on Tahiti, who upset the host nation Solomon Islands 1-0.

The four semi-finalists have already qualified for the next stage of World Cup qualifying but the winner of this tournament will qualify for next year's lucrative Confederations Cup in Brazil.

New Zealand: 1. Mark Paston [Gk], 2. Tim Myers, 3. Tony Lochhead, 4. Ben Sigmund, 5. Tommy Smith, 6. Ian Hogg, 7. Leo Bertos, 8. Michael Mcglinchey, 9. Shane Smeltz, 10. Chris Killen, 11. Marco Rojas, 12. Glen Moss [Gk], 13. Jake Gleeson [Gk], 14. Rory Fallon, 15. Ivan Vicelich, 16. Jeremy Brockie, 17. Kosta Barbarouses, 18. Aaron Clapham, 19. Michael Boxall, 20. Chris Wood, 21. Cameron Howieson, 22. Tim Payne, 23. Adam Mcgeorge
Coach: Ricki Herbert

New Caledonia: 1. Rocky Nyikeine [Gk], 2. Judikael Ixoee, 3. Emile Bearune, 4. Georges Bearune, 5. Kalaje Gnipate, 6. Olivier Dokunengo, 7. Dominique Wacalie, 8. Miguel Kayara, 9. Jacques Haeko, 10. Marius Bako, 11. Bertrand Kai, 12. Roy Kayara, 13. Noel Kaudre, 14. Dick Kauma, 16. Iamel Kabeu, 17. Joel Wakanumune, 18. Jonathan Kakou, 19. Georges Gope-Fenepej, 20. Marc Ounemoa [Gk]
Coach: Alain Moizan