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Success in the Arts

Ben Baker
Hi I'm Ben Baker play the part of samson salesi on street legal

As an actor Ben Baker works pretty hard.

And I also work at a cafe/bar in Kingsland called cafeteria 4 5 times a week.

Ben would love to be able to act full time, but as anyone will tell ya, the jobs aren't always there

Ben Baker:
I shoot street legal 6-7 months out of the year, the rest of the time - because i'm crap at saving - I pretty much have to subsidise my earnings by working in a cafe.

And it' not just actors. Believe it or not but scoring a record deal with a multinational record company doesn't exactly set you up for life...

Hi my name is Renee, I'm from a band called Tadpole and a part time voice-over artist.

In the history of Tadpole I've held down quite a few part time jobs.
I've been a clown.
I've worked in a video library.
I've worked in the bindry department of a legal publishing company.
I worked as a production manager.
A receptionist.
A production assistant and an autocue operator.

Steve Lockwood is the head of music at Cambridge regional college. And although he looks like a meat, his courses on music industry management are attracting students from all over the world, including already successful professional musicians.

Steve Lockwood
There is an awful lot of people out there trying to make that extra 5 percent, that extra 10 percent and we are wary of that and we won't let our students make the same mistakes as some of us have made in the past.

All good stuff.. But not much help if you're a New Zealand artist .. Without a bean to rub together.. Let alone the airfare to England.

Arms Dealers:
There's quite a few impediments standing in the way of long term sutainable careers.... Ah where do we start.

Enter mike and mark... Arms dealers.
They've devised a course to help teach and motivate artists.. To help them establish a career.

Arms Dealers:
Traditionally, arts and business aren't the best of bed fellows. It's like that left brain right brain thing "oh, I don't want to be in business", well people are in business.(butt)¤7 arms dealers …. there needs to be a change in attitudes and a change in the level of skills, and that's where Arms comes in.

You kinda get used to - as a musician -not living on very much. And so the minute you've got money in ya hand you wanna spend it on doing something better.

Arms Dealers:
The same problems were coming up in all those areas - lack of means to capitol, lack of skilled business practice, management guidance, bad publicity, lack of vision on the sales and marketing front,

Arms Dealers
It's trying to find a language that suits both sides, particularly the artistic side so that their not so afraid of success.

I've kinda come to terms with the fact that this is what it's like, unless we can break over seas...
Then maybe we could start making money and I could move to a nicer flat.

But until Ben lands that big Hollywood role and Renee breaks it overseas... They're both happy filling time doing the grind.. As long as it still means .. They can both follow their dreams..