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Rebirth of Church

What is the crux of the story ?

The message of christ is being delivered not from a pulpit, but from stages and stereos to thousands of moshing revellers in NZ… Chistianity goes mainstream to bag youth worshippers

Time Line.
Had to start shooting the story before I was ready because of the way events unfolded:

· Mon 22-27th/07 :
Checked stats on religious trends of youth in NZ by faxing specific request to stats nz. Discovered # of people who say they're christian is shrinking.
Spoke to Vic Uni theology dept.; Parenting with confidence; Aaron Roberts from "attitude" school programme in CHCH. AR put me onto Primal pastor Dean Rush in AKLD. Took two days to have convo
Meanwhile left calls at Parachute music.
Got hold of dean. He invited me to attend Sunday's mass.

· Sun 28 : 8 -10:30pm
Went to primal CCC, Newton rd, AKLD. Vox popped young worshippers. Interviewed pastor Dean rush. (gr8 interview but didn't fit into story in the end.)

· Mon 29th:
In WGTN. Speaking to someone at Avalon about the story who turned out to be Christian. She put me onto youth worker Brook turner who's based at The Rock. Arranged to meet him that night after an i/v for another story. Met at 6 for a half hour interview (used pacific cruz arranged by lucy)

· Wed 31st:
Vanessa had encounters of the Christian kind for her marriage story. Put me onto St. Matthew in the city. Rang and met for an i/v with their marketing manager Brendan within the hour. (1 hr) Afterwards went down to Aotea SQ and for vox pops. (20mins)
More calls. Arranging i/v's with Church of Christ Mt. Roskill, WASH, Parachute

· Thurs 1st /08:
Logged tapes recorded so far. Thought about script. Story still not quite coming together tho there was already good material.

· Fri 2nd
10am i/v WASH in the domain.
12:30 Wayne yandall at church of Christ. Good i/v for the old school perspective. Eg. Qs = are Christians allowed to masturbate? (In the end wasn't the direction the story took so doesn't appear)
2-3:30 pm parachute i/v with mark de jong

· Tue 6th
9 - 11pm Logged tapes after show. Outlined script.

· Wed 7th
10 - 4.30 Wrote belated pitch form. Then script. Did paper edit. Script approved by producer. Recorded voice over. Organised tapes and SFX material. Left for laura to start editing.

· Thurs.8th
Sourced south park footage. Organised dubs of digibeta to betasp of 3x tapes to import into avid for editing. Started writing these notes while laura now doing finishing touches to story (total edit time= 3hrs)
Once Laura's finished, I'll go in and find times for key's to appear under people's faces in the story for the director carla, who rolls them up live.

Technical notes
Lights for all i/v's except WASH and Primal
Beta SP Camera plus lavelier, senny and directional mics.
Media = Beta SP, VHS, Digibeta, CD's
Avid edit suite
Voice over booth
Beta / VHS deck for logging/paper edit. And TV.

Barriers encountered and creative solutions

Biggest barrier was how to approach the story…so many different angles and info. Another barrier was some of the interview subjects were cagey about talking to tv until they knew where I was coming from with the story. It seems a few people in the Christian community have been burned either by unfavourable reports or a portrayed stereotype that Christians are geeks

Interesting behind the scenes incidents..

At CCC Primal, a snowboarder who had stuffed his back on the weekend reckoned he was healed by a visiting healer that night. And people say the most interesting things off camera…..