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The Morning After Pill

What is the crux of the story ?
To find out changing attitudes on contraception now that the ECP is available over the counter, let people know what they're in for at the chemist,

Time Line.
About a day on prep/research/setting up interviews
4 hours shooting footage, (plus a couple of hours for shooting voxpops and cutaways…)
2 hours logging footage (tape times for different shots..)
A million years trying to figure out (my first) script and what shots to use…
5-6 hours with Laura in editing.

Technical notes
Beta Cam
DV Cam for vox pops
Avid editing system
Radio mic for interviews

Barriers encountered and creative solutions
--Hard to get people to stop and talk on the street, especially about potentially embarrassing topic. cue-sweet talk and reassurance.
--Camera mic seemed too weak to pick up voices, especially on a rainy street, but for some reason it was fine in post.
--For factual interviews, there was a lot of ringing around trying to get an okay from bosses for people to act as a spokesperson.

Interesting behind the scenes incidents..
--That's Lucy with me under the rug grrrrr
--Condoms actually do make really good party balloons.