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Story Script:

Guy vox;
I've never heard of any cheating, or seen any cheating at universities...

Guy vox:
Depends if I thought I could get away with it I suppose
[cutaway ollie qu 4 is six]

David Brook Deputy Vice Chancellor AUT:
Yeah, we've certainly had more people brought up before our disciplinary committee in recent times

Years of hard work and financial hardships are worth it for the thousands of people who graduate from tertiary courses all over the country..every year..

[cutaway graduation procession...]
[cutaway photo grad with wave]
[cutaway ack unI flag]
[cutaway band and unI staff]
[cutaway back view of grads]
[cutaway feet shots of grads]
[cutaway cu orange hood]
[cutaway back of hood]

So what if many of them admit to taking a few shortcuts..

Kelly de lambert- lecuturer/researcher:
we surveyed institutions in nz and only .2% are getting reports through at the highest level- of cases of academic dishonesty- yet such a high proportion of students are doing it..

It seems cheating is a sensitive topic... When I approached auckland university they declined to appear on FLIPSIDE..or even comment ... Luckily, David Brook, Deputy Vice Chancellor from AUT, was brave enough to come forward.

David Brook- AUT:
I think it's mostly the pressure on the students, they're paying high fees on their courses, there's pressure to pass, otherwise it's money down the drain
[cutaway writing on arm]

[Cool walk up shot]

Guy vox:
Yeah, my friend last week had no idea what he was doing- so he looked at his friend who knew exactly what he was doing, and coasted through the test that way..

David brook- AUT:
Many students come from other cultures where learning is different- in asian cultures, copying is rewarded- here, we penalise it.

Guy vox:
People help each other, lot of sharing, it's the best way to learn actually

Guy vox:
Some of that stuff is hard man, you need people to help you out you know...

Kelly de Lambert- lecturer/researcher:
I talked to somebody just recently who was offered at unI this year $1000 to sit their stats exam

[cutaway ws walk by]
[cutaway cu walk by]

Maybe you copied information from a website and forgot to reference the work...

Guy vox:
Nah, I don't think that's cheating !

[cutaway students studying bbc ]
[cutaway birds eye students bbc ]
[cutaway cu of words/paper bbc]

There are dozens of cheatsites on the net that offer essays on every topic your assignment could possibly require...

Guy vox:
You can look up an essay and there it is, that's the essay you want, you just put it down there

[cutaway cheat sites bbc]
[cutaway cheat sites bbc]
[cutaway cheatsite bbc]

David Brook- AUT:
If you've gotta write an essay on the politics of nigeria, you can email someone in ny who can write the essay for you and send it back again, so it's becoming more and more difficult to ensure there's honesty and transparency in everything we do

But there are new sites that are fighting along with other anti-plagiarism sites are helping
to catch cheaters in the act by comparing essays with text on the internet..

[cutaway funny school photo]
[cutaway cu]

And for those that are not so careful, the punishment is very real..

[popup here: x students were expelled from university]

Guy vox:
Every paper you go to they tell you about the penalties of cheating

David Brook- AUT:
Sometimes they may have to repeat an assignment, sometimes they may be failed that whole subject, we've excluded the student from classes for some time, so it can be serious

[cutaway looking over o's shoulder]

Kelly de lambert- lecturer/researcher:
Some of the ones that we've heard are lolly wrappers, cough wrappers with the answers written inside- there's lots of signals out there, that you're told to be aware of, scratch the temple and it's a, scratch the other temple and it's b

[cutaway sign language side]

David Brook- AUT:
You're not really doing very much for yourself, maybe you're getting a cheap qualification, but you're selling yourself short

[cutaway steal from drawer]

Guy vox:
It's not fair if someone worked hard to get the result they deserve and other people are cheating

[cutaway van cough]

Girl vox:
When you're spending hours writing up your lab report and 3 or 4 other people have copied off the year before, because they have access to books, and I get a mark that isn't as good as theirs, ---that annoys me, but what can you do ?

[cutaway ws steal from drawer]

So, you know who you are, maybe you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and remember... You're only cheating yourself....

[cutaway only cheating myself]
[cutaway cu only cheating myself]