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Beginners Guide to Elections

Bevan - political science graduate:
First past the post was the political system we had in New Zealand for about 100 yrs before 1996. basically, it worked very simply. You divide the country into 100 areas or thereabouts, each of those areas, the people elected an MP to represent them, and the party that won the most seats, got the most MP's in parliament. But in 1996, our electoral system changed to MMP, it changed for 2 main reasons, people thought that it was very difficult for small parties to get into parliament, and it really was. And they thought it'd be good to get others in, apart from the two main parties, labour and national
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So, who can tell me what MMP stands for ?

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'something about most member in parliament ?'
'more money please'
'Multi member parliament'
'mixed membership parliament- is it ?'
'Mixed member proportional"

MMP's a little more complicated than first past the post. It works in two ways, you get two votes- the first vote is the same as first past the post.. they elect someone in their local area to represent them. They get a second vote which is called the party vote, and the party vote is the party that you want to rule- to be the government and it's the party vote that decides who governs. If you get 50% of the party vote, you get 50% of the seats in total
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A few days before the election, you'll be sent details of the candidates for your electorate, the locations of the polling places and the party lists.
You can vote anytime from 9-7 on the day at any polling place in your electorate. If you're working on that day, your boss must give you time off to vote.
('make your votes count')
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the interesting thing about these elections and the thing that'll get the hearts of young voters fluttering, is that for the first time under MMP, we may well have one political party winning more than half of the votes, and therefore being able to rule on it's own. At present, the Labour parties polling at 50-52%.. if they continue to do that on Election day, then it may well be that they get 65 seats, and they'll be able to rule on their own
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what's the point in voting ? yeah, I mean, lot's of people say, especially young people, one vote- there's going to be 2.5 million people voting, what's the point ? uh, there's many reasons why you should vote- some people consider it their civic duty, to do their bit, to have their say. I think people should vote, cos this is the one serious chance we get in NZ to have a say about what our govt does and how it's gonna be made up.
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We can change the world !