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Bad Johns

Story Script

(John Davy footage)

Not a Good year for the John Davies'. First there was the Maori TV boss who's dodgy credentials led to his imprisonment,

(John Davies Footage)

...and now a 2nd John-do-wrong has just been sent home from the commonwealth games for sexual harassment.

Is there a pattern forming?

Will all the John Davies in New Zealand inevitably offend?

John Davy's Lawyer:
No.. No.. Well it's very hard to in this sort of case..

Our graphics department whipped up this "Bad Johns Throughout History" Timeline

1854 - John Davies illegally orders six pounds of candle wax to a chemists account.
(Graphic: Thief)
1985 - John Davies is convicted for a non-violent lewd act and indecent exposure.
(Graphic: Pervert)
1986 - John Davies is charged with passing on classified information to the soviet union
(Graphic: Spy)
And now this.

In an attempt to determine whether all John Davies are criminal offenders waiting to happen we tracked down this John Davies earlier today.

John, do you have a ball of hate welling up inside which you will one day be expressed through random acts of criminal activity?

John Davies (not a criminal):
No. Not at all.

While John polished his car I stole a specimen from his home to be sent to the labs for testing.

(Scientist Footage)

Extensive research found that John Davies is in fact an anagram for JIHAD OVENS.

Will all John Davies eventually become John-do-wrongs?

Only time will tell.