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Filthy Rich


Joe Tamatoa


Played by Alex Tarrant

Joe (24) is serious, attentive, and determined.

When he was young, he was a natural athlete, a rugby league contender – until an injury took him out. Joe got over it; he thinks it was all part of God's plan, which took him to social work.

He is now a leader with at risk youth in a community centre - though the funding is precarious.

Joe has a wonderful fiancée, Ariana. He sees his life ahead, and thinks it's almost pre-ordained – though occasionally he feels deep and overwhelming anger and doesn't know where it comes from.

He was brought up in the most caring and supportive of families. There wasn't much money – his father works in a factory, his mother is a cleaner – but there was always lots of love.

Joe is the youngest of five children, part of a close-knit family.

But now, to his shock, he now he finds he's from somewhere else entirely – and his whole life has been a lie. This makes him confused and angry and he wants answers.