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Filthy Rich


Episode Three

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What happened in episode three?

Vader is about to succumb to Kennedy's advances, when Nancy interrupts. He is horrified to find Kennedy is actually only 15!

Savannah wants Lorna to leave Karl. Karl tries to blackmail Brady and threatens that Lorna could go public with her story. But Brady has turned the
tables. Fisher is listening in and offers to call the police. Brady leaves Karl stranded and angry.

Savannah warns Karl not to touch her mother again. Karl defends that he's nowhere near as bad as Savannah's other step Dad, Trey, who sexually molested her.

Brady refuses to go to the cops over Karl, and has plans regarding Alan Griever.

Brady confronts Savannah about Lorna's grievances, and finds Savannah has grown up hating Brady. Brady defends that Lorna was wasted and she didn't want to give in to blackmail, but sees that Lorna is a problem. She takes pills from Nancy's medicine cabinet - then visits Lorna, apparently to make peace. Lorna rejects her advances. Brady goes, leaving her bag behind. In it, Lorna finds drugs.

Cherry returns from Wellington having found that Julius Mostyn has a fetish for wearing women's underwear – but Brady finds more dirt when she finds that he put Cherry's airfare on his parliamentary card. She offers this information to Alan Griever, to ice his enemy.

Savannah comes home to find her mother has overdosed. Karl is promising vengeance on Brady. Savannah confronts Brady who claims she lost her bag, and offers to pay for Lorna to go to rehab. She comforts Savannah, thinking she's playing her, but we get an inkling it might be the other way around...

Joe's cautious about John Jnr's advances, but Ariana counsels that he could use the Truebridge money to make a difference.

Joe's parents get the gift of a dishwasher, but Joe tells John Jnr that he's not a charity case to be bought. John appeals - he needs allies, but Joe is unmoved.

John has a connection to Vincent and asks him to give Savannah some top tips – he points out that the three cuckoos have a controlling stake in the company, but only if they stick together.

John appeals to Ariana about why Joe hates him, and she suggests he's more concerned about lack of answers over his birth mother...

Vader rejects Kennedy – but she threatens that she'll say they had sex. Nancy also accuses Vader of stealing her medication.

Vader decides to take the cash offer, but has problems opening a bank account without valid ID.

Savannah urges Joe and Vader that they have to stick together.

Later John Jnr offers to help Joe find his birth mother.

With her Julius Mostyn coup, Brady has won Alan Griever's support. But just as she thinks he has everything under control, she gets an envelope of photos of her having sex with Vincent and a threatening message. But who sent it?